Basic Radar Principals Quiz

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  • 1
    Fine range resolution can be obtained simply by
  • 2
    For range to be unambiguous, the echoes from the most distant detectable targets must be
  • 3
    Which factor in the radar equation is beyond the control of radar system design?

  • 4
    A ___________ is used to provide pulses of input power to the transmitter
  • 5
    The mapping of major highways would require in an approximate cell size of _______
  • 6
    The degree to which the radiated power is concentrated into the mainlobe is called

  • 7
    Calculate the range of this target with echoes having a round-trip transit time of 35 micro-seconds
  • 8
    Which of the following is NOT a typical tracking loop of a Single Target Track (STT)?
  • 9
    Which of the following elements in a Radar System is used to time the transmission of the radar pulses?
  • 10
    To avoid the possibility of the radar operator locking onto a single target and not realizing that more targets are present until it is too late, which mode should the radar operate in?

  • 11
    For a stationary target, what is the different between the transmitted and the received reflected signals of a Continuous Wave (CW) Doppler radar?
  • 12
    Given peak power is 80kW and mean power is 48W, find the pulse duration if the prf is 300pps
  • 13
    Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of electronic scanning?
  • 14
    Which of the following is TRUE about the Digital Signal Processor of an Advanced Multi-mode Doppler Radar?
  • 15
    A rectangle whose sides are the range and azimuth resolution distance is a
  • 16
    Which of the following radar navigation applications uses radar altimeter to measure ground clearance?

  • 17
    In the receiver of advance Multi-Mode Doppler Radar, the synchronous detector provides ______ output (s).
  • 18
    Which of the following factors affect the choice of prf?
  • 19
    _______ gives the radar the ability to separate multiple targets at the same range.
  • 20
    The gain of an antenna is calculated based on the following formula:

  • 21
    The maximum closing rate is ______.
  • 22
    What categories of PRF will give ambiguous observed range of all significant targets?
    (i) Low
    (ii) Medium
    (iii) High
  • 23
    The term 'Pulse Duration' used in pulse radar is
  • 24
    In the amplitude comparison monopulse radar, the sum and difference signals are used for
  • 25
    For a radar to receive echoes from a target, target _______________.
  • 26
    SAR is turned on only ______________ times while performing the representative precision blind bombing run.

  • 27
    The sidelobes robs from the main lobe's total power radiated, by a substantial amount of ________ percent.
  • 28
    X band radar would normally operate in the region of ________ Ghz.
  • 29
    A milti-mode Doppler radar consisted of _______ processor (s).
  • 30
    The Pulse Repetition Frequency selected for a particular radar depends upon several factors, Please list them

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