Test your knowledge in Quantum Physics!
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Test your knowledge in Quantum Physics!

Hello, This quiz will test your knowledge of quantum physics. I don’t expect most of you to pass. -LoneChicken

Question 1:What must we do to make time travel possible?
We have to reach a speed of 100,000 km/h.
We have to crook the space-time.
We have to reach a speed of 200,000 km/h.
We have to reach a speed of 300,000 km/h.
We have to twist the space-time.

Question 2:What cannot we measure in a particle at the same time?
The position and the size.
The volume and the size.
The speed and the surface area.
All of the above.
The position and the speed.

Question 3:Which particle does not have the particle wave duality?
All of the Particles.
The proton.
No particle.
The electron.
The tau neutrino.

Question 4:Which of these things does the neutrino apply to?
Dark mass
The equation E=mc(cubed)
The make-up of waves
The make-up of leptons.
Dark matter

Question 5:Which is the weakest power of the fundamental powers?
The electromagnetic power.
The strong power.
The weak power.
The gravity.
The centripical force.

Question 6:What is the consequence of Einstein's formula, E=mc (squared)? (EASY ONE)
How the universe was born.
The conversion of mass into energy.
The big bang.
How we can travel faster than the speed of light.
How we can travel the speed of light.

Question 7:Where can we find lines?
In space-time-diagrams
In speed-time-diagrams
In speed-room-diagrams
In pressure-time-diagrams
Nowhere, there is nothing symmetrical.

Question 8:Which of these graphs cannot be the line of a human being when the space-time is not crooked?
From top left to bottom right .
From bottom left to top right .
From top right to bottom left .
From bottom right to top left.
None of these.

Question 9:Between which particles does the weak power acts?
Between all neutrons.
Between all photons.
Between all leptons.
Between all neutrinos.
Between none of these, there is no weak power.

Question 10:How does the energy form in which a stars emits?
Through fission.
Through decay.
Throught fusion .
Through electrons.
Through nuclear decay.

Question 11:For what does the strongest fundamental force usually hold together?
Mass and the center.
The neucleons
Matter and the center of the universe.
The nucleus and the world.
The nucleus and the element of hydrogen.

Question 12:What is the densest thing on earth?
The proton.
The neutrino.
The neutron.
The electron.
The suns core.

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