Electoral College Quiz

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  • 1
    A State Senator can become an Elector for the Electoral College
  • 2
    If none of the Presidential Candidates receive 270 Electoral votes then there must be another election
  • 3
    The Electoral College was not created until the late 1900's

  • 4
    A Presidential Candidate can win the election even if he/she did not win the popular vote
  • 5
    Electors vote exclusively based on their States popular vote
  • 6
    To become an elector, you must be at least 25 years of age.

  • 7
    If the President-Elect does not qualify before inauguration, the losing candidate becomes President.
  • 8
    All 50 states' electoral votes are given on a winner-takes-all basis
  • 9
    The Electoral College was made due to the founding fathers' fear of uneducated people electing the President
  • 10
    An Elector can switch states with another Elector

  • 11
    The District of Columbia is given 3 electoral votes even though it is not a state
  • 12
    A Presidential Candidate can get 270 votes from only 11 states
  • 13
    The highest possible number of electoral college votes is 538
  • 14
    The Electoral College is not actually a college
  • 15
    The reason a President can win through solely the popular vote
  • 16
    When a citizen votes in the Presidential Election, they are actually voting for the candidate's electors

  • 17
    It is possible for there to be a tie in both the popular vote and the electoral vote
  • 18
    Every state in the Electoral College must vote on a Presidential Candidate
  • 19
    The President at the time can also add one vote to the Electoral Vote
  • 20
    Undecided States can become "red" or "blue" by the decision of another state

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