Are You a Christian? Quiz

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Sometimes we think we are Christian, but we really aren't. Sort out your relationship with God by taking this quiz! All answers are based on the Bible.

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    What do you believe about Jesus?

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151 days ago
Well, this test does seem to have some issues with it, as there are some subject matter up for theological disputation. However, most of it is good, excluding the ones that Efrain mentioned in regards to death.

From my understanding, we are saved as a result of Jesus' sacrifice. Because of that, we will not die. Certainly we will depart the earth and if you consider that to be death, then so be it, but our soul shall remain alive in heaven.
287 days ago
The correct answer for the last question of this quiz is forever not until the death. He is our eternal brother, Savior and Redeemer.
374 days ago
Sorry to have ranted in the previous posts, I know there’s really nothing anyone can do, I’m just 🌻! I wish I had someone else’s life somedays. If I had a friend to talk to I would, there has NEVER been such a person. I’m too scared to join chat rooms with strangers. Jesus doesn’t count when no one was there to begin with. Don’t judge those last three sentences unless you’ve walked in my shoes first, as I’m the victim of a conspiracy. I’m just here to rant at myself, but I never answer me. 🤧
I wish the right person had come into my life, I don’t deserve what happened to me. That first time & first kiss will always be taken from me & It should have been with the right spouse. I was robbed of everything & missed out on the most important things money can’t buy.
375 days ago
Your Bible does it not say “Do not provoke your children to anger?” And yet you do it ALL the TIME!
I will never walk the earth a Christian because my parents did a botched job. “Raise your children in the way of the Lord and they will not depart from it.” And when I grow up and become sick from an illness not my fault Im abused by one of them? NO, I DON’T THINK SO!

Condemned to walk the earth a non-Christian, not qualified to be a devil worshipper (don’t want to be) and I REFUSE to be a Gypsy.
375 days ago
Oh, that’s right, I’m one of the those people (unfortunate statistics) you Christians would like to forget about and brush under the rug or throw under the bus and forget about because I’m a glitch in your system (the matrix) When someone like me is unfairly mistreated by you Christians let’s praise the Lord while listening to Country Gospel and gossip about me and others like me; say it’s OUR fault when in fact you Christians NEVER ACT like Jesus (all pretend) and yes there is a GLITCH in THE MATRIX (Christians) Unfortunately in real life unlike the movie, we can’t choose the blue pill or the red pill and tune YOU blasphemous Christians OUT! You Christians sin and then I’m told I’m part of YOUR sin. I want NOTHING to do with it, I NEVER asked to be a victim and I NEVER asked to participate, it was pushed onto me, no consent, no agreement. I am NOT part of THEIR sin. Their sin is theirs, and their’s alone.
375 days ago
“I’m the BAD GUY,… DUH?!” Oh, wait! Can’t say that cause Billie “Eyelash” already tagged it in her tune!?
Here’s what I got:
You aren't a Christian. You need to know God and Jesus better - read your bible. You might think you are a Christian but you really don't care about Jesus or what thinks. I encourage you to read your bible and get to know him more. Jesus is AWESOME! Take your relationship with Jesus seriously!
Sorry, can’t read it, I pulled a Marilyn Manson and ripped it up. (After the So- called Christian who gave it to me kicked me while I was DOWN!) Believe me, after being isolated by fellow church goers and my Christian parent sexually abusing me and telling the above mentioned Christian cause I thought they would help they told everyone and shamed me, said it was my fault! It is NOT my fault the parent will not admit to any wrong doing. I’m adult now and stuck cause I got sick after college and have giant gap in employment, no one will let me live down. I went to several docs and no one could help, only made things worse. One doc wanted to know who gave me black eye. I couldn’t tell them parent cause that’s who supports me. They control my finances and everything I do. Cops are on their side. I’ve prayed to God that I find a job so I can start earning to escape my situation and not become homeless. Career counselors told me in college I’m supposed to go be homeless because not a traditional student, but I have previous 4 year degree before that and just went back to school cause I wanted to make things better for myself; not get lost between the cracks again. This is SO HARD for me! 😱 Nothing changes and my siblings want me to lose my inheritance so they get everything. I’ve never slept around but they are total hoes. Parents furious with them but sibling I told already told parent who abused me, now threatening to cut off inheritance. I will be homeless before anything is resolved. I will be homeless for life when it happens and further mistreated and isolated from everyone! 😭🥺🤫