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Greek Mythology Knowledge Quiz

How well do you know your Greek legends - the ancient wonders and wisdom that still influence so much of everything we see and hear thousands of years later? There's SO much to know and learn about this fascinating topic! Think you know a lot? Try this quiz to find out! P.S.: If you're a Percy Jackson fan, you'll slay this, most likely - good luck!

  • 1
    Who is the king of the gods?
    Who is the king of the gods?
  • 2
    The bull/man Theseus fought was:
  • 3
    Uranus was:

  • 4
    Aphrodite's son, also known as Love, was:
  • 5
    Helen of Troy ran away because:
  • 6
    The number of labors Hercules completed was:

  • 7
    Perseus is famous for:
  • 8
    Aeolus was the god of:
  • 9
    Arachne angered Athena and turned into the first:
  • 10
    Hera's favorite bird was a(n):

  • 11
    The twin children of Zeus who became the god and goddess of the sun and moon were:
  • 12
    The animal that Zeus once turned Princess Io into to hide her from Hera was a(n):
  • 13
    Kronos's wife was:
  • 14
    Argus is famous for having:
  • 15
    Of the five main rivers in the underworld, the river of wailing, is:

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317 days ago
This was a bit hard but sadly they did not add any history about the actual wars about Greece
I forgot this is a (mythology) test
394 days ago
Tbh, I've read loads of Greek mythology books, but Percy Jackson answers all the questions about little known things, so very helpful, as I got 15/15 😊
418 days ago
ive read every percy jackson book and love everyone!(love the blue food btw percy)
588 days ago
No quiz about me! i am gonna flood this quiz maker's town
625 days ago
I guess it's fine.......
865 days ago
I'm a beast
865 days ago
15/15easy red every Greek book there is tnx to Percy Jackson love the books
875 days ago
I have read every heroes of Olympus book series
901 days ago
ive read every greek mythology book+every percy jackson/kane cronicals/trials of apollo (so far) so technically im a mythology master
1011 days ago
Thank you Percy Jackson! I've beenin love with the series since third grade.
1044 days ago
15/15! All thanks to Percy Jackson! Without that, I wouldn’t even have known Greek mythology.
1053 days ago
i know all of this bc of percy jackson!
1070 days ago
Thx percy Jackson 15
1111 days ago
I got 10/15 all thanks to Percy Jackson: Greek gods. Greek Mythology is quite interesting!!
1116 days ago
Yay!!! 14 out of 15!!!
BTW for anyone out there the first rulers of the sun and moon were Titans named Helios and Selene, later, Artemis and Apollo took the role
Also, hey fellow Percy Jackson fans 👋
1215 days ago
yo bros that was challenging!
1228 days ago
15/15 thanks Percy jackson
1249 days ago
If you like my series
1278 days ago
hey everybody, look out for Reyna in our scribe's new book. hope I'm in it (after I meet my baby sister of course!) peace from Manhattan
1288 days ago
Aaahh mortals i have blessed many of so thank me