Greek Gods and Goddesses Quiz

Let's see just how much you know about the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece. If you're a fan of Greek mythology, you should get a perfect score...but are you really that good? Take the quiz and see! You'll probably find your favorite Greek god or Greek goddess here!

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    Let's start with an easy one. Who was the King of the Greek Gods and Ruler of Olympus?
    Let's start with an easy one. Who was the King of the Greek Gods and Ruler of Olympus?

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75 days ago
Ima 12 year old girl, sometimes believes in greek myths, 1/2 dutch, 1/2 German, and I got 15/15! I ADORE AND LOVE AND CHERISH GREEK STORIES. I love the greek and roman books by Rick Riordan!
315 days ago
Yassss! I got 15/15! I adore the Greek Myths, but I'm actually 1/2 French, 1/2 British.
My friends say I'm like Athena or Artemis.
450 days ago
Whenever they said the wine dude... *chefs kiss*
616 days ago
omg i got 15/15 first try!
i had the percy jackson book help me i am reading the heros of olympus and i LOOVVEE greek mythology although i am italian so i should like roman but nOPE HEHE((teal))hehehe
828 days ago
Oh yah I’m 9 with 15 out of 15
828 days ago
Thanks Percy Jackson!!! The book 📖 Percy Jackson’s Greek God’s really really helped me learn a lot about Greek mythology!
828 days ago
I am great. That person is missing a A lot like who can forget how Prometheus made humans or how mother of the earth ( Gea) creates monsters every year for the gods to fight! Don’t worry 😉 I know sooooooooooooo much about Greek mythology I got 15 out of 15 ! I loveeeeee Greek mythology!!
905 days ago
well I am 11 years old not other people
905 days ago
well, 11 years old
905 days ago
Well, thanks to the Percy Jackson series of book, I got 15/15! Yay!
1007 days ago
cool thing we should do more
1154 days ago
I also had a crush on nico and I am a girl
1154 days ago
Nine-year-old all right by the way thanks Percy Jackson that was a huge help
1162 days ago
without percy jackson!
1162 days ago
10 year old got 15/15 YAH!
1181 days ago
Same... This quiz is easy. Shut out to Rick Riordan!
1185 days ago
This quiz was easy and fun, Thanks to Percy Jackson I got 14/15
1228 days ago
This quiz is easy but fun! I
1261 days ago
Ioula and Private, there are lots of different versions. Some people also believe that Aphrodite is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. Hecate is probably a titaness but she is considered a goddess. Duh!
1261 days ago
OMG! I got them all correct! I am a HUGE fan of the Greek gods and goddesses. Sure, I love the Percy Jackson books but I have a lot of knowledge about Greek gods and goddesses. Whoo hoo!