Greek Mythology

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This is a moderate difficulty quiz about Greek mythology

  • 1
    The God/Goddess responsible for the Trojan War
  • 2
    The three Goddesses asked Paris, the young prince of Troy to decide. Which one did he choose?
  • 3
    Which couple is responsible for most monsters on earth?

  • 4
    Zeus fell in love with the princess Danae. Her father locked her in a bronze dungeon to keep her safe. Zeus reached her by transforming into
  • 5
    Heracles last labour was the capture of Cerberus. Which was the first one?
  • 6
    Cerberus was guarding:

  • 7
    Apollo had a famous oracle in Delphi. Where is it located?
  • 8
    Gaia, the Mother Earth gave birth to the Titans. Who was the father?
  • 9
    Which Giant is buried under the Chalkidiki peninsula in Northern Greece?
  • 10
    There were three Judges of the Souls in the afterlife

  • 11
    After the destruction of Troy, most of the Greek heroes suffered punishment due to the sacrilege and hubris they committed when capturing the city. What was Odysseus fate?
  • 12
    Odysseus's parents were
  • 13
    The Graies were three old witches who shared one eye and one tooth. What were their names?
  • 14
    Tantalus was a King that roasted his son Pelopas and offered him as dinner to the Gods attempting to prove that they were not so wise. His eternal punishment was:
  • 15
    What is the Greek word for Volcano named after a Greek God?
  • 16
    The names of the three Gorgons were:

  • 17
    After the victory of the Gods over the Titans, Gaia sought revenge for the demise of her children by creating:
  • 18
    Which hero solved the riddle of the Sphinx?
  • 19
    Alexander the Great believed that he was a descendant of Achilles from his father and from his mother:
  • 20
    The father of Theseus was Aegeas, king of Athens. How did he die?

  • 21
    Who was the mother of the Minotaur?
  • 22
    Tyndareus and Leda were the parents of Helen who was married to Menelaus, king of Sparta. She had three siblings:
  • 23
    After Achilles's death, the Greeks gave his weapons to the second bravest warrior:
  • 24
    Gaia, Mother Earth slept with Uranus, God of the Skies and the Universe began. Which was the primordial deity that brought them together and still makes life possible?
  • 25
    The Elder Cyclopes were:

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