Norse Mythology Quiz

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    The Aesir live in one of the nine worlds, Asgard.
  • 2
    Freyr and Freyja ruled together as a couple over the warrior gods named Vanir.
  • 3
    Thor was the god of thunder.

  • 4
    Fenris and the World Serpent Hel were the offspring of Loki, the trickster god.
  • 5
    The Names of the Months were named after the Norse gods.
  • 6
    The reason why the Vanir helped Baldr was because he had terrible nightmares of his death.

  • 7
    The Vanir were a group of wild nature and fertility gods and goddesses.
  • 8
    The records of Northern Europe myths were recorded in the Edda.
  • 9
    There were eight worlds in which the Norse world consisted of.
  • 10
    Another name for Fenrir was Fenris.

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