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  • 1
    Old Testament books whose chief purpose is instruction are:
  • 2
    Which of the following may be said of Abraham:
  • 3
    Who is the central character of the Old Testament and the New Testament?

  • 4
    Truth pertaining to faith or morals which is revealed by God is known as:
  • 5
    The Canon
  • 6
    Just as Moses led the Israelites from slavery to freedom so too does Jesus, the new Moses, free all the people from sin is an example of this sense of scripture:

  • 7
    Scripture that teaches and encourages how to live and act is known as:
  • 8
    Criteria for interpreting Scriptures is/are:

  • 9
    Which is true about the Old Covenant:
  • 10
    The Old Testament is made up of _________ books.

  • 11
    Which is not a Synoptic Gospel?
  • 12
    The Sacred Deposit of Faith consists of:
  • 13
    God Had revealed himself through the prophets, patriarchs and sages in
  • 14
    The Righteous man with whom God made a covenant never again to destroy humanity in anticipation that humanity will care for another was.
  • 15
    The patriarch whom God promised many descendants in exchange for faithfulness and obedience was
  • 16
    Which is not true about the Gospel:

  • 17
    An example of the connection between Scripture and prayer is:
  • 18
    Which is true about Divine Revelation?
  • 19
    The gift of the Holy Spirit which makes it possible for the human writers to write in God's word of is:
  • 20
    The authentication interpretation of the bible is responsibility

  • 21
    Covenant made between God and his people.
  • 22
    Jesus is the fullness of revelation.
  • 23
    Sacred Scripture must be accepted higher than Sacred Tradition.
  • 24
    John the Baptist was sent to prepare the way for Jesus.
  • 25
    True author of Sacred Scripture is God.
  • 26
    The Bible is inerrant to history and science.

  • 27
    The Gospel was given to us orally and written.
  • 28
    Spiritual Sense of scriptures is meaning conveyed by the words of scriptures and discovered by exegesis.
  • 29
    The Old testament is never referred to in the New Testament.
  • 30
    The Book of Psalms is part of the New Testament.

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