Life Science~~Worksheet Quiz 1
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Life Science~~Worksheet Quiz 1

The world of life science

Question 1:The set of skills or steps that scientists use to answer questions is the _____
controlled experiment
I don't know
scientific method

Question 2:After recognizing a problem or asking a question, life scientists form one or more _______________ which are possible explanations for what has been observed.
I don't know

Question 3:In a controlled experiment, the 3___________ is the one factor that differs between the 4___________ and the experimental group. (Fill in 3______)
variable group
control group

Question 4:Fill in 4________ from the above question.
control group
variable group

Question 5:_________ is a measure of how much surface an object has
I don't know

Question 6:Life scientists use _________ to describe the measurement of an object's mass
I don't know

Question 7:Which of the following would NOT be an area of study in life scientist?
studying how volcanoes are formed
studying how lions and hyenas interact
measuring the rate at which bacteria divide
comparing the reproduction of arctic plants with that of desert plants

Question 8:The steps of the scientific method
must all be used in every scientific investigation
are not always used in order
must always be used in the same order
start with the development of a theory

Question 9:In a controlled experiment,
a control group is compared with one or more experimental groups.
there are at least two variables
all factors should be different
a variable is not needed

Question 10:When a scientist finds that a hypothesis is wrong, the scientist usually
stops studying science
tries to find another explanation for what has been observed
feels that nothing valuable was learned.
adds an additional variable to his or her experiment

Question 11:What tool would a life scientist use to get a 3d image of a microscopic organism?
scanning electron microscope
CT scan
X ray
magnifying lens

Question 12:The International System of Units
is based on standardized body measurements
contains units that are based on the number 10
is useful only for measuring lengths
is a device used to measure volume

Question 13:Which SI units can be used to describe the measurement of volume?
gram, kilogram, milligram
meter, kilometer, centimeter
cm3, liter, milliliter

Question 14:Which SI units are used to describe the mass of an object?
cm3, liter, milliliter
meter, kilometer, centimeter
gram, kilogram, milligram

Question 15:The volume of an egg and water in a graduated beaker is 200 mL. After the egg is removed, the volume of the water is found to be 125 mL. What is the volume of the egg in cm3?
75 mL
25 cm3
75 cm3
150 cm3

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