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  • 1
    India has 29 states.
  • 2
    You can sneeze with your eyes open.
  • 3
    There are four types of galaxies.

  • 4
    Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are terrestrial planets.
  • 5
    Silicates are semi-metals.
  • 6
    Kerosene is not used for flying vehicles.

  • 7
    Potassium compounds burn with a lilac flame.
  • 8
    Sulfuric acid is a strong dehydrating agent which turns the colour of sugar form white to black
  • 9
    A cell is considered a microscopic unit. Though a cell's size varies from each organism, it can even reach up to 25cm.
  • 10
    Meteors are larger than Meteorites.

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