Material science

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  • 1
    Diffusion involves:
  • 2
    When Prince Ruperts drops fracture:
  • 3
    The glass used in mobile phones is treated:

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    Which statement is correct?
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  • 6
    Aluminium cans are produced by:

  • 7
    If a material is deformed plastically, the yield stress will:
  • 8
    The ability of a material to absorb energy in the plastic range is called:
  • 9
    Most commercial glasses consist of:
  • 10
    Elastic deformation:

  • 11
    Which statement is correct?
  • 12
    The glass transition temperature is the temperature where:
  • 13
    The wheels for Koenigsegg cars are made from:
  • 14
    Fracture toughness determines:
  • 15
    Brittle fracture is more dangerous than ductile fracture because:
  • 16
    What is correct about atomic bondings?

  • 17
    The following influences deterioration of polymers:
  • 18
    Creep is:
  • 19
    Magnesium is currently receiving enormous interest for development and use in automotive components. One challenge with magnesium is the limitation in creep strength for "under bonnet" applications.
    This is because:
  • 20
    Which statement is correct?

  • 21
    According to Hooke's law, if you hang by a tree branch and note how much it bends, then hanging with twice the weight produces:
  • 22
    A crystal point defect known as a substitutional occurs when:
  • 23
    The structure and characteristics of a polymer is determined by:
  • 24
    When you bend a tree branch by hanging on its end, the top side of the branch is under:
  • 25
    Tungsten is stiffer than Copper and Copper is stiffer than Lead. (Tungsten has a higher Young's modulus than Copper and Copper has a higher Young's modulus than Lead).
    What statement is correct?
  • 26
    The crystal plane in the figure has Miller indices:
    The crystal plane in the figure has Miller indices:

  • 27
    Toilets are made by:
  • 28
    Mechanical forming operations are often conducted at elevated temperature because:
  • 29
    The tensile strength is the point where:
  • 30
    Ductility of a metal can be increased by:

  • 31
    If the surface crack causing fracture in a brittle material is made twice as deep, the fracture strength will:
  • 32
    Ceramics are:
  • 33
    The common way to protect nails from corrosion is:
  • 34
    In which of the following applications is fatigue a critical design parameter?

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