Civil Engineering

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This survey is designed to identify what do you know about civil engineering.

  • 1
    In construction ___________ is used to make structures such as: profiles for windows, handrails, gates, ceilings, lateral coatings, sheets for insulation, scaffolding, stairs, bridges, etc.
  • 2
    It's an irrigation system that allows water to be transported in a continuous flow from a place where it is accessible in nature to a point of distant consumption, generally a city or town.
  • 3
    What is the best description of a Civil Engineer?

  • 4
    The size of something as given by the distance around it is....
  • 5
    The ________ is a structural element widely used in construction, since it serves to support the weight of the entire structure.
  • 6
    What is a bridge?

  • 7
    When something is unstable it means that …
  • 8

    The _________ is the change in the size or shape of a body due to external impacts produced by one or more forces applied to it or the occurrence of thermal expansion.
  • 9
    Which of these is not a type of metal?
  • 10
    What is a suspension bridge?

  • 11
    Which of the following are geotechnical and geological engineering study areas?
  • 12
    Which kind of natural disasters avoid the study of geotechnical engineering?
  • 13
    What is geotechnical engineering?
  • 14
    The prefix "geo" in the word geotechnical is?
  • 15
    What was the first civilization that used the geotechnical engineering?
  • 16
    Which are the roles and responsibilities you can expect to encounter in geotechnical engineering?

  • 17
    Why do you consider that is important the study of soils in geotechnical engineering?
  • 18
    Which characteristics are necessary in Civil Engineering projects?
  • 19
    What are the responsibilities of a Geotechnical Engineer in Dams?
  • 20
    Who is the father of Geotechnical Engineering?

  • 21
    What does a geotechnical engineer do in deep excavations?
  • 22
    It’s a hard and fibrous substance which forms a major part of the trunk and branches of a tree.
  • 23
    It’s used by the Inuit for igloos, but has also been used for ice hotels as a tourist attraction in northern areas that might not otherwise see many winter tourists.
  • 24
    Are made with cement and natural aggregates of the crushed stone and sand with desired surface finish.
  • 25
    Are the materials basically used as filler with binding material in the production of mortar and concrete.

  • 26
    It's a natural product obtained from pit, river beds, shores, sea beds, etc. It's composed of silica (SiO2).

  • 27
    It's an adhesive and cohesive material which is capable of bonding together particles of solid matter into a compact durable mass.
  • 28
    This is an organic material of high molecular weight which can be molded to any desired form when subjected to heat and pressure in the presence of a catalyst.
  • 29
    _______ refer to polycrystalline materials and products formed by baking natural clays and mineral admixtures at a high temperature.
  • 30
    It consists of a rationally chosen mixture of binding material such as lime or cement, well graded fine and coarse aggregates, water and admixtures.

  • 31
    They exist in nature as compounds like oxides, carbonates, sulphides and phosphates and are known as ores. They are important for their durability, strength and resistance to weather.
  • 32
    It's an earthen mineral mass or fragmentary rock capable of mixing with water and forming a plastic viscous mass which has a property of retaining its shape when moulded and dried.
  • 33
    It has been defined as the natural, hard substance formed from minerals and earth material.
  • 34
    It's a roof covering made of dead plant material- other than wood. Grasses and palm leaves are the most widely used materials.

  • 35
    It's used for building-up exterior and interior walls, partitions, piers, footings and other load bearing structures.
  • 36
    Heavy equipment could be divided into four major components, which are they?
  • 37
    Which one of the following machine is not a heavy machine?
  • 38
    What is a heavy machine?
  • 39
    This heavy machine is used to compact soil, gravel or concrete in the construction of roads and foundations.
  • 40
    What kind of heavy construction machine is it?
    What kind of heavy construction machine is it?
  • 41
    What type of construction equipment is shown here?
    What type of construction equipment is shown here?
  • 42
    Do you know the name of this machine?
    Do you know the name of this machine?
  • 43
    What machine is this?
    What machine is this?
  • 44
    What heavy machine is it?
    What heavy machine is it?
  • 45
    What is the name of this machine?

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