Science quiz for grade 9

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This quiz can help you figure out your level of knowledge in science. This quiz comprises the multiple aspects of Science

  • 1
    Water that forms lather readily with soap is said to be?
  • 2
    The structure in the respiratory system of humans where gaseous exchange occurs is?
  • 3
    Amino acids are the end-products of the digestion of?

  • 4
    Lime juice tastes sour because it is?
  • 5
    A liquid-liquid mixture can be separated by?
  • 6
    The elements in the periodic table are arranged according to their?

  • 7
    An example of a semi-metal is?
  • 8
    The structure which enables a fish to breathe in water is?
  • 9
    In which of the following structures in a living cell is cellulose found?
  • 10
    Joule is the S.I unit for?

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