Sociology Test 3 Review 2

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Test 3 Review 2

  • 1
    Consists of a cohabiting man and woman who maintain a socially approved sexual relationship and have at least one child
  • 2
    A nuclear family in which the husband works outside the home for money and the wife works for free in the home
  • 3
    Expands the nuclear family horizontally by adding one or more spouses (usually women) to the household

  • 4
    Expands the nuclear family vertically by adding another generation, one or more of the Spouses' parents, to the household
  • 5
    A socially approved, presumably long-term sexual and economic union between a man and a women. It involves reciprocal rights and obligations between spouses and between parents and children
  • 6
    Functions of a nuclear family include:

  • 7
    The number of divorces that occur in a year for every 1000 people in the population
  • 8
    Number of marriages that occur in a year for every 1000 people in the population
  • 9
    The average number of children that would be born to a woman over her lifetime if she had the same number of children as women in each age cohort in a given year
  • 10
    He argued that elimination of private property and the creation of economic quality can bring an end to the traditional family and the arrival of gender equality

  • 11
    Male dominance and norms justifying that dominance
  • 12
    Potential spouses bring certain resources with them to the marriage market
  • 13
    A marriage between people from two different groups may threaten the internal cohesion of one or both groups
  • 14
    The probability of marrying inside one's group increases with the group's size and geographical concentration
  • 15
    The most frequent subjects of family quarrels, and they loom larger when there isn't enough of it to satisfy a family's needs and desires.
  • 16
    The social roots of marital satisfaction

  • 17
    T/F: The easier it is to get a divorce, the more likely marital happiness will increase
  • 18
    After divorce, the most common pattern is a rise in the _____ income and a decline in the _____.
  • 19
    Creates long term distress among children
  • 20
    Factors affecting the well-being of children:

  • 21
    T/F: Claiming that divorcing parents trade the well being of their children for their own happiness is an exaggeration
  • 22
    A donor's sperm is inserted in a woman's vaginal canal or uterus during ovulation
  • 23
    Eggs are surgically removed from a woman and joined with sperm in a culture dish and an embryo is then transferred back to the woman's uterus
  • 24
    Are used on sperm and fetuses to increase the chance of giving birth to a baby of the desired sex and end pregnancies deemed medically problematic.
  • 25
    Studies estimate that currently men now do ____ percent of the housework and child care
  • 26
    Percentage of American families that husbands abuse their wives physically

  • 27
    Occurs when partners have a specific argument and one partner lashes out physically at the other
  • 28
    Part of a general desire of one partner to control the other
  • 29
    It typically involves a woman violently defending herself against a man who has engaged in intimate terrorism
  • 30
    American couples who are unmarried and living together

  • 31
    There has been a decline of the two-parent family amongst this demographic:

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