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Gender and Sexuality

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  • 1
    Who has carried out most of the contemporary work on gender issues?
  • 2
    According to Ann Oakley, which term refers to the parallel and socially unequal division into female femininity and masculinity?
  • 3
    The sociological meaning of the term "sex" focuses on what type of characteristics?

  • 4
    Which term refers to a set of expectations concerning behaviour and attitudes that relate to being a male or female?
  • 5
    Which term refers to someone attracted to another person of the opposite sex?
  • 6
    What term refers to an individual with the physical characteristics of one sex and a persistent desire to belong to the other sex?

  • 7
    Which form of feminism would be most concerned about pay equity?
  • 8
    Feminist liberalism is primarily concerned with the relationship between women and what?
  • 9
    The term "tabula rasa" translates to what?
  • 10
    What term refers to someone who does not conform to the gender role associated with his or her biological sex or that which was assigned to him or her at birth?

  • 11
    One of the major criticism of feminist liberalism is that it only focuses on who?
  • 12
    What form of feminism focuses on the differences between how men and women "think"?
  • 13
    Feminist socialism tried to blend the sociological concepts of gender and what?
  • 14
    If you violate gender roles, you are often accused of being what?
  • 15
    What process occurs when a job or profession comes to be dominated by women?
  • 16
    Which of the following is true about gender/ race stereotypes?

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