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  • 1
    Socialization, as a sociological term, describes:
  • 2
    The Harlow's study on rhesus monkeys showed:
  • 3
    What occurs in Lawrence Kohlberg's conventional level?

  • 4
    What did Carol Gilligan believe earlier researchers into morality had overlooked?
  • 5
    What is one way to distinguish between psychology and sociology?
  • 6
    How did nearly complete isolation as a child affect Danielle's verbal abilities?

  • 7
    Why do sociologists need to be careful when drawing conclusions from twin studies?
  • 8
    From a sociological perspective, which factor does not greatly influence a person's socialization?
  • 9
    Chris Langan's story illustrates that:
  • 10
    Why are wealthy parents more likely than poor parents to socialize their children toward creativity and problem solving?

  • 11
    How do schools prepare children to one day enter the workforce?
  • 12
    Which one of the following is not a way people are socialized by religion?
  • 13
    Which of the following is a manifest function of schools?
  • 14
    Which of the following is typically the earliest agent of socialization?
  • 15
    Which of the following is not an age-related transition point when Canadians must be socialized to new roles?
  • 16
    Which of the following is true regarding Canadian socialization of recent high school graduates?

  • 17
    Jerome is able to use the internet to select reliable sources for his research paper, but Charlie just copies large pieces of web pages and pastes them into his paper. Jerome has [ ] while Charlie does not.
  • 18
    The [ ] can be directly attributed to the digital divide, because differential ability to access the internet leads directly to a differential ability to use the knowledge found on the internet.
  • 19
    The fact that your cell phone is using outdated technology within a year or two of purchase is an example of [ ].
  • 20
    The history of technology began [ ].

  • 21
    When it comes to technology, media, and society, which of are the following is true?
  • 22
    If the U.S. Patent Office were to issue a patent for a new type of tomato that tastes like a jellybean, it would be issuing a [ ] patent?
  • 23
    Which of the following is the primary component of the evolutionary model of technological change?
  • 24
    Which of the following is not a form of new media?
  • 25
    Research regarding video game violence suggests that [ ].
  • 26
    Comic books, Wikipedia, MTV, and a commercial for Coca-Cola are all examples of:

  • 27
    When Japanese scientists develop a new vaccine for swine flu and offer that technology to American pharmaceutical companies, [ ] has taken place.
  • 28
    In the mid-90's, the U.S. government grew concerned that Microsoft was a [ ], exercising disproportionate control over the available choices and prices of computers.
  • 29
    The movie Babel featured an international cast and was filmed on location in various nations. When it screened in theaters worldwide, it introduced a number of ideas and philosophies about cross-cultural connections.This might be an example of [ ]
  • 30
    Which of the following is not a risk of media globalization?

  • 31
    The government of [ ] blocks citizens' access to popular new media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • 32
    A parent secretly monitoring the babysitter through the use of GPS, site blocker, and nanny cam is a good example of [ ]
  • 33
    The use of Facebook to create an online persona by only posting images that match your ideal self exemplifies the [ ] that can occur in forms of new media.
  • 34
    [ ] tend to be more pro-technology, while [ ] view technology as a symbol of the coldness of modern life.
  • 35
    When it comes to media and technology, a functionalist would focus on [ ].
  • 36
    When all media sources report a simplified version of the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing, with no effort to convey the hard science and complicated statistical data behind the story, [ ] is probably occurring.
  • 37
    What factor makes caste systems closed?
  • 38
    What factor makes class systems open?
  • 39
    Which of these systems allows for the most social mobility?
  • 40
    Which person best illustrates opportunities for upward social mobility in Canada?
  • 41
    Which statement illustrates low status inconsistency?
  • 42
    Based on meritocracy, a physician's assistant would [ ].
  • 43
    In Canada, most people define themselves as [ ].
  • 44
    Structural mobility occurs when [ ].
  • 45
    The intergenerational behaviors, customs, education, taste, and norms associated with a class are known as [ ].
  • 46
    Which of the following scenarios is an example of intergenerational mobility?
  • 47
    Occupational prestige means that jobs are [ ]
  • 48
    Social stratification is a system that [ ]
  • 49
    Which graphic concept best illustrates the concept of social stratification?
  • 50
    The basic premise of the Davis-Moore thesis is that the unequal distribution of rewards in social stratification [ ].
  • 51
    Unlike Davis and Moore, Melvin Tumin believed that because of social stratification some qualified people were [ ] higher-level job positions.
  • 52
    Which statement represents stratification from the perspective of symbolic interactionism?
  • 53
    When Karl Marx said workers experience alienation, he meant that workers [ ].
  • 54
    Conflict theorists view capitalists as those who

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