English 9 Honors Exam

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Hey this is a quiz of the English 9 Honors Exam!

  • 1
    What is the world's most famous metaphor?
  • 2
    A line of five feet(ten syllables) alternating stresses is called:
  • 3
    When a writer chooses his words carefully for the effect of a work, this is called:

  • 4
    "All the world's a stage" comes from what Shakespeare play?
  • 5
    Iambic pentameter closely resembles:
  • 6
    A writer gets into his character's heads and tells the reader his thoughts. This narrator is called what kind of narration?

  • 7
    A poem indirectly refers to an episode in the Bible, and the reader recognizes the passage and infers the theme of the poem. This is called a(n):
  • 8
    Prince Hamlet says he is "Too much in the sun," referring to walking in the sunlight and missing his dead father. He is employing a(n):
  • 9
    We the readers know that Darlene is about ready to be attacked by a man hiding behind a curtain on stage: This is known as:
  • 10
    "She Walks in beauty, like the night/Of cloudiness climes and starry skies"

  • 11
    "I am so crazy that I am sane"
  • 12
    Alice needs to study for a test, but at the same time her friends want her to go to the mall. She doesn't know what to do! We could say she is suffering from:
  • 13
    A long narrative poem concerning the exploits of a hero is called a(n):
  • 14
    What is drama?
  • 15
    What were the first two "great civilizations"?
  • 16
    What the name of Plato's book?

  • 17
    Who were the three Great Greek Philosophers?
  • 18
    Odysseus was the king of_______.
  • 19
    Odysseus had ____ ships with ____ men aboard them.
  • 20
    Where do the gods live?

  • 21
    Who was the god of gods?
  • 22
    Aphrodite was the goddess of__________.
  • 23
    An epic hero is the symbol of a(n):
  • 24
    Using like or as to compare, but the comparison may go on for many lines is called:
  • 25
    "Son of Laertes, gods of old" and "Master mariner and soldier" are examples of:
  • 26
    Who wrote The Odyssey?

  • 27
    What is Odysseus's conflict?
  • 28
    Who is the muse of Epic Poetry?
  • 29
    Who are the two goddesses who keep Odysseus for so long?
  • 30
    What flower do people eat to make them forget about home?

  • 31
    Who is the speaker of "The Writer"?
  • 32
    The life is a ship in "The Writer" is a(n) _________metaphor.
  • 33
    Why are refrains used?
  • 34
    A refrain is when a line or lines are being.
  • 35
    The use of the ship, bird, and writing in "The Writer" demonstrates the theme of:
  • 36
    MLK gave his famous speech "I Have A Dream" in what year?
  • 37
    One of MLK's biggest influences was__________.
  • 38
    The theme of both MLK's and Mandela's essays is:
  • 39
    The allusion in the first paragraph of MLK's speech is to _____________________.
  • 40
    The use of repetition in speech is employed for:
  • 41
    Home of the KKK
  • 42
    Capital of South Africa
  • 43
    Nelson Mandela arrested?
  • 44
    Mandela made president?
  • 45
    What is the name segregation in South Africa?
  • 46
    Who ruled over South Africa for over 100 years?
  • 47
    What did Henry VIII create?
  • 48
    Why did Henry VIII create the C of E?
  • 49
    Who was Henry VIII's second wife?
  • 50
    Who was Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII's daughter?
  • 51
    What was the name of Shakespeare's theatre group?
  • 52
    Shakespeare's theatre?
  • 53
    # of Shakespeare's sonnets?
  • 54
    Who were Shakespeare's sonnets written to?
  • 55
    Who brought the sonnet from England?
  • 56
    What is Sidney's sonnet sequence called?
  • 57
    Romeo and Juliet begins with a sonnet and is called a:
  • 58
    The opening of R&J is spoken by a:
  • 59
    Star Crossed Lovers means:
  • 60
    R&J takes place in what city?
  • 61
    "As the bud bit by the envious work" is a use of:
  • 62
    Benvolio tells Romeo to look for other women by saying:
  • 63
    "Doth" or "dost" translates to
  • 64
    Mercutio states that he will be a ___________. Most famous pun.
  • 65
    What challenge does Romeo make to Tybalt?
  • 66
    Fortune, because it is capitalized, is what literary device?
  • 67
    Sun god?
  • 68
    Romeo is banished to_________.
  • 69
    why is death better than banishment to Romeo?
  • 70
    Friar Laurence's first plan is...
  • 71
    Why do the Capulet's think Juliet is sad?
  • 72
    Juliet has a vision of Romeo in tomb is an example:
  • 73
    Minion is a:
  • 74
    Juliet refuses to marry Paris, what are her consequences?
  • 75
    How long will Juliet lie in a coma?
  • 76
    Women were thought of as:
  • 77
    Orisons are:
  • 78
    Juliet fears Friar Laurence gave her real poison so he won't be:
  • 79
    Juliet has a vision of whose ghost?
  • 80
    Capulet says that death has fallen on Juliet like:
  • 81
    Friar Laurence asking if "the bride is ready to church" demonstrates what?
  • 82
    Who delivers the news of Juliet's death to Romeo?
  • 83
    An Apothecary is:
  • 84
    Why is Paris at Juliet's tomb?
  • 85
    What does Romeo say he wants from Juliet's grave?
  • 86
    what does Paris think Romeo wants to do at the tomb?
  • 87
    The phrases "misfortune's book" and "inauspicious stars" refer to what?
  • 88
    Where does the friar wish to take Juliet?
  • 89
    Who takes the blame for all that has transpired in the play?
  • 90
    With what shall the families' statues be made of?
  • 91
    The friars are hiding out because of:
  • 92
    "My fingers itch" means...

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