Black Boy Vocabulary Quiz

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Think you know these words? Alright, then, let's test your knowledge... Match the definition given with the correct word

  • 1
    A disguise
  • 2
    Depressed or solemn
  • 3
    Anger at a perceived injustice

  • 4
    To spread throughout
  • 5
    To communicate effectively
  • 6
    Dormant, unused

  • 7
    To thoroughly enjoy
  • 8
    To look down on
  • 9
    To make up for
  • 10
    To comfort

  • 11
    To take forcefully
  • 12
    A violent accusation
  • 13
    A goal
  • 14
  • 15
    An action that instigates
  • 16
    To determine a difference between

  • 17
    To praise the traits of
  • 18
    To spread throughout
  • 19
    To reprimand, firmly and usually publicly
  • 20
    Huge, elaborate, and expansive

  • 21
    Extreme poverty
  • 22
    A deep, resonant sound
  • 23
    Subtly, slyly
  • 24
    Extremely important, necessary

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