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American/British Accent Test

When it comes to speaking English, maybe you wonder whether you have more of an American accent, or more of a British one? Take the test now to find out. The higher your score, the more British your accent should sound like to native English speakers!

  • 1
    What word do you use when talking about arithmatic?
    What word do you use when talking about arithmatic?
  • 2
    Faucet, or tap?
  • 3
    How do you say "you" to a group of people?

  • 4
    What do you call a circle where roads meet?
  • 5
    How do you say, "You know"?
  • 6
    Finish the sentence, "I am going to enroll..."

  • 7
    Which one involves getting a ball past a goal?
  • 8
    What do you call a group of players who try to score a touchdown?
  • 9
    What do you call a place away from home where children are cared for?
  • 10
    Middle/High School, or Secondary School?

  • 11
    Highway, or motorway?

Comments (62)


68 days ago
Im clueless as to why i am here. Im not even a native english speaker who live wayy out in south east asia
78 days ago
i dont know why i did this. im litteraly welsh and i have lived in england my whole life
93 days ago
I knew that i was a mix of british and american! I now have named it brican accent. šŸ˜‚
122 days ago
Not really im just russian who spent all home life speaking russian and learned english through my russian speaking parents and then came to america and spent the rest of my life living in an english centered atmosphere
127 days ago
I got it šŸ‘ man I've two both American and British accents what comes over me don't know What gonna happen?
IT said You have spent more of your time on Watching The USA and the British programs like as Movies and other...
In two accents American & British although I have got a little Irish English accent
Thanks for testing us here...
128 days ago
You sound quite British, just not completely. Perhaps you've spent a lot of time in the U.K, or have watched a lot of TV or many movies from there, or know many Brits........
Well , I m indian .. it makes sense
144 days ago
I got a British and American accent that was so cool I knew it
147 days ago
You Got: 48% stereotypically British!
You have quite a few stereotypical British traits, but you're still a long way from being Hugh Grant or Bridget Jones levels of British. You probably enjoy a good cup of tea (and are very set in your ways for how you take it), but you don't necessarily identify strongly as British, and are happy to complain if someone does a shoddy job that needs fixing.
151 days ago
I knew it! I got an American and British accent, and probably mixed with a French accent too lol
Ive learned British English at school, but watched a bunch of US series, so...
184 days ago
Australia is kind of a mixture of both, we say many words like british, but for example we say soccer, not football, and we just have primary school and high school, so I had no idea what to answer for that question
190 days ago
I got the american accent, im more than the british accent. im learning english, im not even american and i got your accent.
199 days ago
im like full american but im obsessed with harry potter so i get my "british" accent from that
222 days ago
well thats cool
222 days ago
I am Indian. I thought I would get British, but got American. Lol. I think side effects of watching a lot of American shows and BTS English interviews. šŸ˜‚
223 days ago
this is so fun lololo

223 days ago
227 days ago
I am from the UK but moved to America when I was little so I understand why it said that I sound a little bit of both since most of my peers are american
235 days ago
It says im kind of American accent and British even when im from Scotland and have never been to America
235 days ago
Hi am from Scotland anyone else
240 days ago
Iā€™m a English person thingy LOL