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Today I am going to quiz your knowledge on capitalization. Let's see how well you know when to capitalize the correct things in a sentence.
- Ashley Wessels 7-1

  • 1
    In this sentence what should be capitalized?

    Sarah took joe to a movie yesterday.
  • 2
    The questions will get harder and harder as the quiz continues. In the following sentence what word is capitalized that shouldn't be capitalized? Marie and Joseph went to the Movies.
  • 3
    " Diary Of a Wimpy Kid" in this book title what words are capitalized that shouldn't be?

  • 4
    Jeffery Jones, JR.
    Is that the abbreviation correct with the capital letters, or is something wrong?
  • 5
    Marry Johnson, Ph.D.
    Is the abbreviation correct or is something wrong?
  • 6
    We saw the king sitting next to his crown.
    What should be capitalized in this sentence?

  • 7
    Our king, Jeff Stone is very bright.
    Should anything be capitalized?
  • 8
    My Aunt Sandra is the best cook in the country.
    Should anything be capitalized?
  • 9
    Both dad and Uncle Smith love to watch the Cubs play baseball.
    Should anything be capitalized or is the sentence correct?
  • 10
    Kaitlyn and I went to the park in the city.
    Should anything be capitalized or is the sentence correct?

  • 11
    In India buddhism is a very popular religion.
    for the people there.
    What should e capitalized?
  • 12
    The Greek god Zeus is honored at the ancient Olympics.
    Is this sentence correct or does anything need to be capitalized?
  • 13
    During the Civil War native american's were able to serve in the army for the first time.
    What should be capitalized or is the sentence correct?

Comments (7)


580 days ago
The person that made this quiz is not good at grammar. They should not make this many mistakes in a quiz FOR grammar.
580 days ago
Question 10: 'I' is already capitalized when it asks you.
Question 12: Actually you DO capitalize god/goddess when it is singular. When it is plural you don't.
Question 13: It's 'Americans' not 'American's.' If you're writing a quiz about grammar, at least know that.
1147 days ago
There are 3 questions that are def wrong in this quiz. Who did this? #13 "Native American's" is written incorrectly because "American's" is not belonging to something. It should be written as "Americans". #10 is wrong because the sentence is correct as it is. #7 The question should be written as "King Jeff" not "King, Jeff". * IF YOU ARE READiNG THIS DO NOT TAKE THIS QUIZ!!!
1149 days ago
Names of family members are not capitalized if they are after a possessive pronoun. So, sentence 8 is incorrect!!!!!
1801 days ago
I almost made the same mistake as Lucille, but when I spotted "I should be capitalized" in the option, I suspected that the capitalization of I in the question must be a mistake from the maker of the quiz - Otherwise, option 2 AND 3 would be correct.
1825 days ago
I thought that question ten was already correct since the I was capitalized
1844 days ago
What is the question:
In India buddhism is a very popular religion.
for the people there.
What should e capitalized?

Isn't it:
In India, buddhism is a very popular religion for the people there.
What should be capitalized?