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Reading comprehension quiz
Choose the best answer.

  • 1
    Nutter sat down feeling --------and --------.
  • 2
    Nutter looked in the tree for a ------ . He could not find one. He held the egg up to his ear. Something was ------it!
  • 3
    Nutter didn’t know what to do, so he ran ----to get help. Nutter ---------Flapper and Stretch. “Look at this egg.” He said.
    “How did you get it?” asked Stretch.

  • 4
    Flapper --------put the egg into the nest.
  • 5
    “-------------------will have to sit on the egg to keep it warm, ”said Flapper.
  • 6
    Nutter sat down ------------on the egg.
    He waited, and waited, and waited.

  • 7
    The egg -------open and something came out…but it wasn’t a bird.
    “What is it?” asked Nutter.
  • 8
    “I think it wants to eat US!” said Stretch. “Oh no!” cried Flapper. “It’s a baby T-rex!” Stretch and Flapper -------the baby T-rex to ------------- Nutter’s bottom.
  • 9
    A huge T-rex was looking in the bushes. Nutter -----------put the baby T-rex down on the ground next to a tree. “Now there’s only one thing left to do,” ----------------Nutter.
  • 10
    “I don’t know,” said Flapper. “But it looks ------!”
    It didn’t want to eat a plant…or a fish.

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