How Good is Your French?
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How Good is Your French?

This is a test designed to test your basic knowledge in French. This test will include general questions not specific ones so do your best but don't think too hard!!!:)

Question 1:What does Bonjour mean in German?
I love you
Nothing, it means hello in French!!
I hate you

Question 2:If someone in Paris asked you: Quel temp-fait til, they are asking you:
What time is it?
Do you drink sprite?
How's the whether ?
I am thirsty!

Question 3:If someone in Paris asked you: Quel heure est til, they are asking you
Do you like my hair?
Are you plump?
What color is my hair?
What time is it?

Question 4:What does "chien" mean in French?
A cat
A Chinese Hor d'ovres (check spelling)
What is an Hor d'ovres
A dog

Question 5:If someone asks you to: passe le formage sil vous-plait, they are asking you to:
pass the fruit cake, please
pass the ham, please
pass the cheese, please
pass the potted meat, please
let's eat spam,please

Question 6:What does "deux" mean in French?

Question 7:What does "pommes" mean in English?

Question 8:How much wood could a Wood Chuck, chuck if a Wood Chuck could chuck wood?
80 if he has big teeth
1 if he is a baby wood chuck
I thought this was a French test?

Question 9:Translate: Avez-vous des freres au des soeurs?
Do you have any turtles?
Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Do you have any coconuts or pineapples?
Do you have any muscles?

Question 10:What do the French eat everyday?
cheese and grits
steak (rare)

Question 11:Translate: J'taime!
I hate you
I dislike you
You make me sick
I love you

Question 12:If your boss only spoke French and you were trying to call in sick, you would probably say;
Madame, I have a cold
Madame, I like potatoes
Madame, j'ai une rhume
Madame, would you like to go out on a date?

Question 13:Complete the sequence of numbers: un, deux, trois in French:
three four, five, nine
one million
quatre, cinq, six, sept
infinity and beyond
I'm sleepy

Question 14:The past tense in French is called:
past comp
le passe compose
passe comp
past tensesse

Question 15:Merci beaucoup pour votre intreste dans le examen de Francais?
Thank you for failing this test
Thank you for feeding my ego
Thank you for your interest in this French test
Thank you for being a friend

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