Level One French Exam

Parlez-vous quelque francais? Oui? Test your knowledge of basic French right now! Find out if you need to review or are ready for the next level. By the way, you are to be congratulated for attempting to learn a language or languages besides your own mother tongue. C'est magnifique!

  • 1
    How would one say, "Hello" to a stranger in France?
    How would one say, "Hello" to a stranger in France?
  • 2
    Choose the most logical response to the following question: Comment ca va?
  • 3
    If someone said, "Qu'est que tu fais?" what would they be asking you?

  • 4
    Which of the following does not belong?
    Les pommes
    Le nez
    La bouche
  • 5
    Which of the following is NOT a color?
  • 6
    What does the verb "avoir" mean?

  • 7
    What does the verb "aller" mean?
  • 8
    Which is the verb meaning, "To like/to love"?
  • 9
    What are the three types of French regular verbs?
  • 10
    If you wanted to say, "I dance," you would say "Je ____."

  • 11
    If you wanted to say, "We eat," you would say "Nous ____."
  • 12
    If you wanted to say, "They eat," you would say "___ mangent."
  • 13
    Le chat est sur la table. Where is the cat?
  • 14
    If I wanted to say, "He is," I would say "Il____."
  • 15
    Next-to-last question!
    Est-ce que tu te brosses les dents?
    Next-to-last question! Est-ce que tu te brosses les dents?
  • 16
    Last one!
    Have you actually taken French classes, or are you a native speaker?

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41 days ago
It's a very useful quiz for the beginners in learning French language. Merci beaucoup.. Please add a few more questions.. Thanks once again
53 days ago
what is the answer to question 15?
89 days ago
i take french classes so this is kind of bad (12/16)
134 days ago
How can you presume that I have taken classes... Last time on this site!
175 days ago
It was ok .please add more questions
176 days ago
HOW is there a right answer to the last question?
205 days ago
5 of 16
I've never took french or even learned a word
217 days ago
This is a very good test but I would really want more of this
263 days ago
Really amazing,I have like it and I hope it will improve my french language
268 days ago
15/16 wow lol xD never knew my french was better though there is a lockdown lol
350 days ago
Really Thanks for your helping to us and continue always
350 days ago
really am fine this helps so much
362 days ago
your auntie is doing well by putting this ?
362 days ago
lol :) your auntie is doing well ?
376 days ago
Thank you so much for your efforts to help us learn this beautiful language. actually, it is a good step towards a better and advanced level. I hope that one day I will in France to learn French and to be within a family. thanks again.
449 days ago
Nice questions bt challenge one even more
484 days ago
((bold)love this test very helpful 😘
517 days ago
15/16...je ne comprenais pas la formulation de la question 15!
@Chocolatine, je suis d'accord.
525 days ago
so good improved balls
581 days ago