Être Verb Quiz

Etudiez-vous le francais? Tres bien! Then you'll definitely need to know the verb "to be." This is a thorough quiz to help you determine just how well you know the conjugation of the French verb, Être. Bonne chance!

  • 1
    Je ___________ à l'école.
    Je ___________ à l'école.
  • 2
    Nous _______ ici.
  • 3
    Vous _______ au café.

  • 4
    Le chat ________ trés mal.
  • 5
    Elles __________ à la bibliotheque.
  • 6
    Nous _______ à la plage.

  • 7
    I am here.
  • 8
    You are at the beach.
  • 9
    He is tall.
  • 10
    She is tall.

  • 11
    We are sleepy.
  • 12
    Y'all are from Pasadena.
  • 13
    Je ______
  • 14
    You are
  • 15
    He is
  • 16
    Elle _______

  • 17
    We are
  • 18
    Vous _________
  • 19
    They (mixed group) are
  • 20
    Elles _________

Comments (71)


975 days ago
dang i got 19 out of 20 im soooooooo *god*
985 days ago
It says 18 out of 20 because 18 is a milestone if you get 18 it gives a message congratulating that you know ho to say i am he is and she is even if you get more it still says 18 out of 20 because you surpassed the milestone that was set
1020 days ago
Why u asking my name
1028 days ago
the test is good but try change the problem of wrong answers even though they are right pls
1034 days ago
They are showing that I got 4 wrong and they are not showing what all questions I got wrong.
1063 days ago
um not as good as i expected,
1067 days ago
In mine it said I got 2 wrong but in the actual test I got them ALL correct! :(🤔😢😣😣
1080 days ago
Nice Quiz. Could be better. Needs more updating. Not impressed
1089 days ago
To many ads!!!!
my answers were correct but it showed that I got I wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1095 days ago
My answers were correct but in the result, they are showing that I got two wrong!!!!!!!!😣😠😡
1101 days ago
Great quiz! Thanks for sharing this. Just a couple typos: très has an accent grave in #4..mauvais instead of mal? And "fatigué" is often used more, especially for this level in #11
1125 days ago
WOW that was educational
1133 days ago
Only one of my answer was wrong but in the result, they are showing that I got two wrong!!!!!!!!😒😡😠👿💢🗯
1192 days ago
very bad but little good but the bad thing is changing answers which is done so I give this as a bad comment
1213 days ago
1213 days ago
The quiz was very great but also hard
It was good
1381 days ago
I love this quiz it helped in the finals for my french period. But maybe more verbs because there were some verbs that were missed in this quiz.

love your bestie camryn
1381 days ago
nice quiz
1389 days ago
1397 days ago
It was a wonderfull quiz. It helped in my pa2 exams we all do the French quiz from this website only