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French quiz for beginners level

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Dear Students
Here is the long awaited quiz. It includes almost every topic that we have learnt so far.
All the best
Bon chance

  • 1
    Je m'appelle Maria. It's a girl talking.
  • 2
    Rouge means yellow.
  • 3
    Il pleaut means its raining.

  • 4
    1947 is mille neuf cent quarante huit.
  • 5
    I am french means je suis Pakistanais
  • 6
    Quatre-vingt dix neuf is 100

  • 7
    Aujourd' hui c'est lundi
  • 8
    Quel est la date aujourd'hui?
    Means what is the weather today.
  • 9
    Verb avoir and etre are auxillary verbs.
  • 10
    Etre means to have and avoir means to be.

  • 11
    Paris est le capitale de France
  • 12
    Je suis étudiant/e de langue anglaise.
  • 13
    Vous êtes marié?
    Means, are you married?
  • 14
    France is called a hexagon.
  • 15
    France is surrounded by Brazil, Australia, China and Japan
  • 16
    July is called juillet in french

  • 17
    Il ne fait pas beau. It's is a negative sentence.
  • 18
    Je n'aime pas le chocolat means I do not like choclate
  • 19
    The masculin nationality for chinese is chinois
  • 20
    The sea between France and Great britain is called "la manche"

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I’m a 🚔ic dummy and a 🚔ic stupid quizzyaddict
987 days ago
16/20 yay! Great quiz! I've been doing French for 2 years lol idk why I said that