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German 1 Personal Descriptive Adjectives

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I have developed this quiz so that I may test myself for an upcoming midterm. I hope that anyone who uses it will find it helpful for learning first year adjectives that describe basic attributes and detriments of human personalities. And now, with that word and smart-ish introduction, please enjoy the quiz.:)

  • 1
    What is the correct translation of toll?
  • 2
    Does the word arrogant mean the same thing in English and German?
  • 3
    What is the definition of prima?

  • 4
    If you are annoying in English, then you are considered_____ if your characteristic is translated into German.
  • 5
    What does intelligent translate to in German?
  • 6
    If you are langueilig the you are what?

  • 7
    If you have gotten all the questions right so far, then you are _______.
  • 8
    I have a mean grandmother in America and in Germany. How would I describe my mean grandmother in German?
  • 9
    If I said you were spitze, what would I be saying?
  • 10
    U-G-L-Y she ain't got no alibi she's ________!

  • 11
    If I want to know more about you, you must be _____.
  • 12
    Every girl is waiting for her perfect Prince ______.
  • 13
    If your close friend tells you that you are ekelhaft, but does so sarcastically, should you be offended?
  • 14
    Complete this similie in German: ______ as a cucumber.
  • 15
    The snobbish woman was very _____.
  • 16
    My friend is very ____ because he always shares his dessert with me.

  • 17
    Someone who is Eingebildet can also be considered _______.
  • 18
    Only _______ may only be considered sympathisch because ____________.
  • 19
    You many consider your grosseltern to be very old-fashioned, or as they say in German _____.
  • 20
    Sherlock Holmes had to be very _____ to solve his many cases.

  • 21
    If you said that a square had 3 sides, most people would consider you to be _____.
  • 22
    If one is considered bloed then they are ______.
  • 23
    If you gotten this far without making a mistake then you are certainly _______.
  • 24
    What does "Doofinshmurtz Evil Inc." translate to in English?
  • 25
    Many comedians are funny, or as they say in German _______.
  • 26
    If you are attractive, the you are ___ ________.

  • 27
    If you stick chopsticks up you nose every day at 1 PM, most would think you are _____.
  • 28
    If dolls are not ______, little children do not desire them.
  • 29
    Since this is the last question, you must be going _____!
  • 30
    You noticed that this was the real last question and are now a tad bit ______.

Comments (5)


762 days ago
As a German Person, I got 4 Questions wrong so I'll continue to be ashamed of myself in that corner down there
1309 days ago
Oops, sent it twice, I’m so stupid, I’m really sorry
1309 days ago
Totally agree (I’m in 10th grade of “Gymnasium”, too!) Well since you wrote this 1473 days ago, you’re probably in “Uni” now…

Greetings, fellow German!
1309 days ago
Totally agree (I’m in 10th grade of “Gymnasium”, too!) Well since you wrote this 1473 days ago, you’re probably in “Uni” now…

Greetings fellow German!
2782 days ago
As a native speaker, I do have to say, cool quiz! Neither too easy, nor too difficult, and not even a little bit boring :)
there's just one little thing that I need to criticise - you should consider checking your spelling of the word "verrückt" (you spelled it something like "veruectt"). No offense, but not only did your spelling make me cringe, but every non German person taking this quiz might probably get some questions wrong because they were unable to recognise the word. (I don't mean to sound rude, just pointing it out. I understand how difficult it must be to learn this language. I'm a tenth year at a Gymnasium and some people in my class -native speakers- tend to have difficulties with the grammar and spelling, even our German teacher, ironically.)