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"Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod." - Bastian Sick

As a native German speaker, I decided to create this quiz about the Genitive case, the last and probably be the most difficult one of the four cases.
I am doing this because, unfortunately, the case is slowly dying out, as more and more people tend to use Dative instead, and thus making sentences that would have been considered incorrect only two hundred years ago perfectly acceptable, although they do sound much less thoughtful, and you should therefore never use them in texts.
An alternative is the Genitive case, sounding formal, and just plain beautiful. The usage of this case will make your essays sound like written by native speakers, and your conversations better. So why not test your knowledge?

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    Thanks for taking this quiz. I'm Nadine and a huge Potterhead, so my questions might end up containing some references, I hope you don't mind, but I warned you, just IN CASE (pun intended)
    This quiz will be all about converting Dative to Genitive in sentences. So, have fun:)

    "Der Cousin von meinem Cousin ist ein totaler Idiot."
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    "Der Hut von Professor Dumbledore ist komisch." (Note that these sentences are still correct, they just sound less thoughtful and formal)
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    Harry Potters Augen sind grün.

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    Die Haare von meinem Bruder sind schwarz.
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    Ich finde dieses Quiz schrecklich langweilig.
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    Die schwarzen Anzüge von Draco Malfoy sind verdammt sexy.

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    Brace yourselves, this one's gonna be hard - two Genitives in one sentence!
    "Die Narbe von Harry hat die Form von einem Blitz."
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    Grand, enough converting! In the last two questions, I just want you to translate English sentences. Good luck!

    "My grandma's cat is so fluffy!"
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    Snape's hair is greasy.
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    Almost done! Thanks for taking this quiz, I hope you enjoyed it. Now just pick the phrase we'd NOT use to say goodbye.

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1941 days ago
Hey Nadine! I'm german and I did this test because I'm bored. I want to tell you something about question 9. The answer you did as 'correct' is really correct, but as a native speaker, I'd say it in a diffrent way. I'd say: 'Snapes Haare sind fettig.' But your answer is really correct, too.

I'm sorry, if my language in this comment isn't very good, but I'm in the 7th class, so it's the third year I learn english. So I can't speak english very well, I'm sorry! But I hope, it was okay.
Thank you for the test, it was sooo cool!!!
2497 days ago
Nice test, good questions. Keep it up Nadine!