How good are you with your basic Japanese?
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How good are you with your basic Japanese?

It is far better to be well-acquainted with a language before using it in any way. In order to avoid embarrassing situations, or to provide you with a bit of fun or a challenge, there is this little quiz. Enjoy yourself and test your true knowledge.

Question 1:Easy enough: it’s evening and you come across a friend. What do you say in greeting to them?
Ohayo gozaimasu
Moshi moshi

Question 2:You were rushing through the halls at work and you accidentally run into your boss! Now, what to say…?
Gomen nasai!
Don't say anything, just bow and go on

Question 3:Please wait a moment!
Matte yo!
Chotto matte kudasai
Samui desu ne
Nanigoto desu ka

Question 4:What do you say before eating?
Watashi mo tabemono desu

Question 5:When you are going to part with a good friend, but you will see them again later, what do you say?
Ja ne
Doo itashimashite

Question 6:If someone is older and superior to you, what are they? And if you are younger and ‘inferior,’ what are you?
sempai; kohai
seme; uke
sensei; kyoushi
shounen; shoujo

Question 7:In the restaurant: when you order unagi, what are you ordering? What about when you order tako?
Tuna; sea urchin
Octopus; squid
Shrimp; eel
Eel; octopus

Question 8:You have just been given a large, impressive gift. How will you ever thank this person?
Domo arigato gozaimasu
Omedetou gozaimasu

Question 9:To ask a friend how they are, you are likely to say...
Kore wa suki desu ka?
O genki desu ka?

Question 10:You are a foreigner, also known as:
both gaijin and gaikokujin are correct

Question 11:Keep it up!
Ganbatte yo
Shikari shite

Question 12:Yes, occasionally we will all want to yell at that pervert on the train. What to yell?
Bakayaro! Yamero!
Iya da, dame, yamete, hanasete!
Hentai! Te o dokete yo!

Question 13:Daijoubu ka?
Are you all right?
How do you feel?
What's happening?
What did you say?

Question 14:Sou desu ka
Is everything all right?
I understand
I can tell
Is that so? / Really?

Question 15:Yare, yare!
Well, well! / Oh dear, oh dear!
Back off!
No, no!

Question 16:Bonus question: what are kawaii, sugoi, and genki, in that order? (Aside from being perhaps the most-used Japanese words in fanfiction and online that I know of.)
little; ugly; cool
pretty; cool; ugly
cool; pretty; kind
pretty; cool; energetic

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