How Well Do You Know 2019 Slang?

This is a test of how well you know 2019 teen slang words. Learn them now if you never knew them. Of course, slang changes like, minutely, but many of these words have been around and will stay around. Test it and see how many of them you know.

  • 1/10
    "Tea" means:
    "Tea" means:

Comments (9)


174 days ago
I got 7/10. I’m a pretty serious person, lmao. I picked the wrong answer on purpose at “What does lowkey mean?”. I would’ve actually get 8/10..
228 days ago
yes 10/10 bc i am a cringe normie. jk im not but i ironically look at cringe normie-ish things
300 days ago
Wow, totally NOT slang
357 days ago
I'm not cool with slang but even I know this ain't right at all
Y'all ain't no animals in no farms
558 days ago
I have Us English slang words for ya
581 days ago
Ofcourse I know this!!!!!!! I'm 20s 🤣🤣🤣
706 days ago
imma always usein slang. got 10/10 I am da goat
731 days ago
Bob same!
839 days ago
6/10 but these are never used and i am fliping always using slang?????