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How well do you know Pittsburghese, the accent spoken by people who reside in Pittsburgh, PA?

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    Stick that orrnj in the buggy and pay a dower n’at

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1482 days ago
1486 days ago
1/10 death lololol lolololololol7uhhgol
1490 days ago
Kaity Yep, this is slang and you’re not really supposed to know what it is I guess...
1492 days ago
Idk what this slang is lololol sorry guys?????
1517 days ago
Yeah that sounds right
1522 days ago
I think she called it a kitty.
1522 days ago
Oh I read the Sisters Grimm, that’s so cool! But I read it a long time ago. I think I remember that part of the story...
1528 days ago
Well, I think in The Sisters Grimm Little Red Riding Hood had a jabberwocky 4 a pet. She called it a kitty... or puppy?idk
1528 days ago
Huh, I wonder where.
1531 days ago
Um...the words sounded familiar but I'm not sure where I heard them...
1532 days ago
Jabberwocky!!!! Love that poem!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
1534 days ago
Frumious bander💑!
1537 days ago
If you’re a yinzer n’at (or not, either way!) please comment on this quiz!