Swedish for beginners
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Swedish for beginners

This test is written by a Hungarian who is married with a Swedish. I try to make a little test according to what I've learnt in the last two months. It is suitable for those who also begin learning this language. Have fun!

Question 1:   How do you say: "What's your name?"
Vad du?
Vad heter du?
Heter du?
Vad heter?
Vad du heter?

Question 2:   What does it mean: "Jag studerar svenska varje dag."
You study swedish every week
I study swedish every day
I like to study swedish
You study swedish at home
I study swedish at home

Question 3:   How do you say: "The teachers need many books"
Lararen behöver manga böcher
Larare behöver andra böcher
Larare behöver böcher manga
Behöver larare manga böcher
Böcher larare manga behöver

Question 4:   What does it mean: "Vi fragar dig, men du svarar inte."
We asked her, but she doesn't know it.
We ask you but you don't answer
She asked him, but he doesn't answer
We ask you, but you don't know
You ask her, but she doesn't know

Question 5:   What time is it? "Den ar klockan halv sju"

Question 6:   What would you answer: "Vad jobbar en lakare med?"
Han ar an snickare
Han jobbar med sjuka manniskor
Han jobbar inte
Han jobbar med en brandslackare
Han ar en student

Question 7:   When you apologise, which word would you use?

Question 8:   Which sentence describes a house?
Hon ar blond och vacker
Han ar smart och glad
De are gamla men ledsna
Han ar gra och gul
Det ar stor och bestar av tre rum

Question 9:   How do you translate: "Jag skriver ett brev pa kvallen hemma"
I write a letter in the evening at home
I write letters at home in the evening
You write a letter in the evening at home
I write a letter in the morning at home
You write letter in the afternoon at home

Question 10:   Which pair of words is correct?

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