Which male celeb are you suited to?
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Which male celeb are you suited to?

Come on girls, the boy next door ain't good enough! Let's try from the Hollywood selection of hotties, shall we?

Question 1:You're fave colour out of these is:

Question 2:You're fave TV show is your fave because:
It has cuties in it, like Brad Pitt or Blair McDonough!
It has major hotties in it-drool, what would I give to be her...
It's dealing with issues, of course.
Good acting?
It's great acting from the babes.

Question 3:You're at a club in LA, and spot BRAD PITT. You immediately.
Scream and rush up for an autograph
Check your makeup and do a sexy dance nearby, making sure he's watching
Sigh and leave- who'd want you?
Smile at him, but he doesn't notice.
Walk by as sexily as possible.

Question 4:You're fave Friends Boy has to be:
Mathew Perry, der!
Matt Le Blanc- italiano babe!
Courtney Cox- wow!
David Schwimmer
All of em

Question 5:You love the reality show:
Temptation Island
I don't watch TV
Big Brother- drool, Marty, Blair

Question 6:The perfect date is:
Beach picnic
Romantic dinner on the coast, then a walk under the stars then hot lovemaking.
April 3rd
Drive in movie, then pizza and snuggling

Question 7:Your fave outfit is:
Tight Jeans and sequin top
Sexy red summer dress and small petite handbag, with heels and Tommy Girl
Slacks and t-shirt
Sexy tank tee and skirt

Question 8:You wish to be
Actress, Singer, you name it.
Popular :(

Question 9:Your friends describe you as
Ambitious but shy
Ambitious, pretty, outgoing, starstruck- what? They do!
Shy and unfortunate :(
Shy and nerdish
Ambitious and pretty

Question 10:Sex is
Desirable and a saucy topic
Hot when I'm around
Nice and romantic
My gift to men

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