What superstar would you be best with?
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What superstar would you be best with?

If you're a chick and have ever dreamed of being with someone like Ben Affleck or Justin Timberlake here is the place to find out who you'd be best with.

Question 1:You're on a date with your Superstar this date would most likely include?
Dinner and then back to his place for well...you know.
Dinner and a movie taking things slow.
An amusement park and a paint balling game!
Skip the dinner, straight to his place!
A romantic night on the beach with a moon lit cruise in his yacht.

Question 2:You're superstar is most likely
Blonde with blue eyes and a perfect smile.
Well chiseled features and knack for getting into trouble.
Brown haired, Brown eyes. Sexy, sexy, sexy!
Older but still attractive.
Sexy and Not afraid to say what he needs to get what he wants.

Question 3:You like to think of yourself as...
A girl who would be by his side no matter what.
Janet Jackson
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Aniston
I dunno whatever girl he wants me to be.

Question 4:You'd rather your match be...
Ashley Parker Angel (O-Town)
Ben Affleck (movie star)
Brad Pitt (Superstar)
Usher (singer)
Eminem (Rapper)

Question 5:You're favorite thing is..
Your teddy bear he's always there for you
Your secret box of condoms that are always ready...
A box of candy and the remote.
I'm to busy to think of things.
My pets they're the end all of everything.

Question 6:You go on the Internet at least once...
every few minutes.
I'm never on, this is just a secret mission

Question 7:People consider you..
Well dressed.
Hot and Sexy.
Not afraid to speak your mind.
Paranoid beyond all belief.

Question 8:You're favorite quote is...
Look at me!!!
Just because your paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you...
Butternuts, sour cream, put them together makes a magazine.
Umm...why would I quote anybody.
How you doin???

Question 9:You prefer...
Rap music all the way!!!
R&B maybe a little hip hop
Boybandish poppy music.
Anything that turns my partner on!

Question 10:You want to date a superstar for the...
Cos' he just a little bit cute.
I didn't know that's what this is for.

Question 11:Your superstar turns to you on a date and says kiss me...you respond with??
O--ok and kiss him gently.
RIGHT ON BABY!!! And drop him to the floor shoving your tounge down his throught.
Are you sure that's all you want me to do?
Give him a sexy french kiss and pull away leaving him wanting more.
You said more then that last night!!!

Question 12:Overall your superstar must...
Be kind and Caring
Be Sexy and very attractive.
Willing to do whatever I want him to.
A superstar.

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