Which celebrity is your perfect date? (type 2)
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Which celebrity is your perfect date? (type 2)

Alright girls lets give the clean n' cute guys a chance! Is he romantic, funny, or shy? Find out!

Question 1:What color are his eyes?
Baby Blue
Sky Blue
Dark Blue
Lovely pools of brown

Question 2:What color is his real hair color?
Beautiful Blonde
Golden Blonde
Dark Brown
Wheat Blonde

Question 3:What's his best quality?
His talent in acting
He's sexy, duh!
Loves music. He owns thousands of CDs, play piano, and loves Smashing Pumpkins.
He takes his acting career very seriously. He's artistic with acting!

Question 4:What's your favorite height for a guy?

Question 5:What's your favorite date?
January 28th
April 4th
October 8th
November 11th
December 18th

Question 6:What's in a name (his name)?
The Lord is My God
God's Gift
Like a lion

Question 7:How's your first date?
You both got backstage passes to a Smashing Pumpkins concert.
He's very friendly and charming. He takes you to a simple Aussie restaurant and then you go sightseeing.
Well he's spontaneous so you're just waiting for a surprise!
He secretly reserves a restaurant for you. He picks you up with a single red rose and leads you on a romantic date!
He takes you to a classy restaurant wearing a tux and then sweeps you off your feet on the dance floor

Question 8:Is he still single?
Still Single!!!!!!!
*wistful sigh* single......
Drumroll please...........single!
Single, baby!
Married, gosh darn it!

Question 9:What's the weirdest thing about him?
Does acting for fun not a job.
His mom does his laundry
Smokes cigars
Banned from entering China
When his baby nephew cries he sings "Afternoon Delight" for him

Question 10:What would he say to the camera's?
"I prefer to date older women because they don't try to act older like younger girls but because they try to act younger."
"The best thing about acting is that I get to lose myself in another character and actually get paid for it. It's a great outlet. As for myself, I'm not sure who I am. It seems that I change every day."
"Being married means I can break wind and eat ice cream in bed."
"If I wasn't an actor, I'd be a secret agent."
"Knowing that I am the greatest guy in the world really makes it simple."

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