Which of these actors from Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings would be your perfect date?
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Which of these actors from Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings would be your perfect date?

This quiz is designed for girls. All you have to do is answer these questions to find out if you would be perfect for Orlando Bloom (Legolas, LOTR), Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter, HP), Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins, LOTR), or Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy, HP). Have fun!

Question 1:The type of guys you prefer are:
sweet & caring
shy but at times is brave

Question 2:You would describe yourself as:
a bully

Question 3:Your perfect date would be:
prank calling your ex and his ex
picnic in the park
joining a cult or arguing about politics on a train out of town
long walk in the moonlight

Question 4:Your hobby is:
reading or chatting with friends
acting; I HATE SCHOOL!
insulting little kids
white-water rafting or something equally dangerous

Question 5:Your family describes you as:
adventurous and you'll always stick up for your friends
You go with the flow; you'll do whatever anyone else is doing; you're cool
cunning, argumentative

Question 6:What kind of person do you aspire to be?
Nicer-looking; it would help me be more confident
What was the question? I was busy staring out the window...
friendlier; I wish I wasn't so shy and nervous

Question 7:You dumped your last boyfriend because:
You're not sure. You guess the two of you just drifted apart
He forgot to return a phone call and when he showed up at your house to apologise you misunderstood him and thought HE was dumping YOU
he suddenly started going out with your best friend and they laughed at you when you saw them out together
He disagreed with your religious views

Question 8:What kind of hair do you look for on a guy?
jet-black, messy
blonds; they have more fun
spiky, black
curly, dark, sometimes long

Question 9:Your ideal Christmas gift would be:
candles; burning things is fuuuuuunnnnn....
Something expensive
flowers or a backstage pass to the coolest concert on earth

Question 10:Your boyfriend buys you movie tickets to a movie that you don't really want to see. You:
You don't want to hurt his feelings; you decide to go and suffer through it anyway
You aren't sure what to do; you end up telling him you're too sick to come
Ask him nicely if he would rather go see a different movie.
Tell him you hate that movie; why did he buy the tickets before asking you?

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