Hottie Celebrities
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Hottie Celebrities

Is there a hot guy in Hollywood that you can't stop drooling over? Take this quiz to see who that would be.

Question 1:What does your hottie look like?
Dark blond, blue eyes, luscious lips!
Brown hair, dark eyes, dreadlocks in his latest movie, eh!
Brown hair, brown eyes, killer cheekbones!
Brown hair, baby blues, and kinda short!
Brown hair, brown eyes, cutie pie!

Question 2:What kind of accent does your hottie have?
British, duh! And it’s soooo drool worthy.
He speaks normal English, sheesh.
He fakes accents for his movie. .:smiles:.
British, but it changes due to his characters.
Irish! But not like the leprechaun kind.

Question 3:What was your hottie’s latest movie character?
He played a bad boy out to seduce a virgin.
Well, technically an elf considering POTC isn’t out yet.
Last I saw, he was trapped in a phone booth.
Erm, I think it was From Hell?
Hobbit! He was so short and cute and…yeah.

Question 4:What kind of girl does you hottie look for?
Hell if I know, those blue eyes could get anyone.
Well, he’s married to a hot blonde.
Wasn’t he with that Winona Rider chick at one point?
He’s a Hollywood .:bleep:. Meaning he gets with all the chicks.
Grr…. He’s with that blonde bimbo!

Question 5:When is your hottie’s birthday?
September 10, 1974. If only he were ten years younger. .:Sighs:.
January 13, 1977. I thought everyone knew when this angel fell from heaven!
May 31, 1976. It was a rainy night, lightening flashing over the highlands….
June 9, 1963. Don’t look at me like that. He’s not THAT old, really.
January 28, 1981. And he’s been gawked over for every second of his life.

Question 6:What type of character does your hottie normally play?
Some petty rich boy or something of the sort.
Elf, elf, elf, paralyzed soldier, soon to be pirate, and Olympian god!
Always weird roles. Some guy with scissors for hands… .:mumbles:.
Bad boy looking innocent… I think. Actually, I don’t know. I just think he’s hot.
I’ve never seen him as a bad guy. Those blue eyes couldn’t fool anyone.

Question 7:How often do you see him in tabloids?
I don’t think I’ve ever read anything bad about my blue-eyed beauty!
He sleeps with tons of .:bleeps:. So yeah. He’s always in the tabloids, right?
Erm… it’s been awhile, no drama since he broke up with that kleptomaniac.
Well since he’s been seen with the that blonde bimbo, quite often now.
His wife is really famous now too, so he’s not in the spotlight as often.

Question 8:How would you describe this hottie? In your own words.
He’s kinda ragged, but definitely drool worthy.
Drop… dead… gorgeous… .:drowns in drool:.
That Irish accent would convince anyone to drool over him.
His eyes say it all.
I love that bad boy image.

Question 9:Is this a hottie your parents would be happy to meet?
Well, yeah. If he weren’t busy hooking up with all the girl in Hollywood.
OMG, they would just die when they saw him.
They would say he’s too old for me, but who really cares!
They’re still trying to get over the fact that I have that damn elf plastered everywhere in the house.
No, I doubt my parents would like me obsessing over a married man.

Question 10:How do you drool over him?
All over the keyboard.
I drown every time.
.:drools:. What were you saying?
I don’t drool, I salivate…
I sometimes need a bucket, let me tell ya!

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