Which Lord of the Rings actor is for you?
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Which Lord of the Rings actor is for you?

Ever thought you might have a special chemistry with the enchantingly sexy, ever charming Orlando Bloom? What about the adorable, big, blue-eyed Elijah Wood? Is Billy your kind of 'Boyd', or would you rather create M² with Mr. Monaghan? Or do you go for the ruggedly handsome type, with a slightly hippie twist, like Viggo? Take this quiz, and find out who YOUR mystery lover is!

Question 1:What is your favorite eye color?
Bright green.
Vibrant, beautiful baby blue!
Dark, navy blue.
Light blue.
Dark, chocolaty brown.

Question 2:What do you prefer in a guy?
Extremely caring, and protective of you. He always knows the right thing to say, and how to make you laugh.
Very funny and charming.
Very adventurous and daring, yet also sweet and romantic.
Immensely hilarious and witty.
Romantic in the classical sense.

Question 3:What about his hair color? And we're talking natural color here, not artificial.
Medium, reddish brown.
Light brown.
Dark, wavy brown, almost black.
Dark brown.

Question 4:How tall do you like your men?
Not too tall, not too short. Just average for a guy, 5' 11" or so.
Around 5' 7"
Pretty tall.
It doesn't matter, as long as he's taller than you!
Pretty short.

Question 5:Where is your ideal location for a date?
To a different amusement park!
To an amusement park!
Staying at home, writing poems and whatnot.
Maybe to a movie and afterwards to a fancy, romantic restaurant.
In the air! He's going to take me skydiving!

Question 6:What type of personality should he have?
Hopelessly romantic.
Funny and caring.
Funny, and at times, a little idiotic.
A little boring, but he makes up for it by being so sweet and compassionate.

Question 7:Which physical feature do you find the most attractive?
Muscular arms and torso.
A short little nose.
The perfect mouth and smile.
Cute puppy dog cheeks.
Stunning azure eyes and perfect, "liquid marble" skin.

Question 8:Which physical feature do you find the LEAST attractive?
A crooked jaw.
A gap in between his front teeth.
A really strange smile.
Your man has no imperfection. He's flawless as far as you're concerned!
A balding butthole chin.

Question 9:Which name do you like the best?

Question 10:Which date is your favorite?
October 20
August 28
December 8
January 13
January 28

Question 11:Which of these activities sounds the most fun?
Staying home, watching a movie, and just relaxing with your sweetheart.
Surfing and drinking
Taking photographs
Getting drunk with your buddies
Sky diving or bungee jumping

Question 12:What do you like to eat?
Just fruits and vegetables; I'm a vegetarian.
Foreign delicacies.
Anything from peanut buttery pancakes to Froot Loops!
Anything in the fridge.

Question 13:Does your man have female stalkers? If so, what are they like? Describe them.
Of course! And who couldn't like this lovable boy with his remarkable, God-given eyes? Preteens to teens is the usual age range.
Oh most definitely. Anyone from 13 through their early 20s drools over him, if they have any taste whatsoever.
Ahem...yes. Usually, it's women around their late 30s to early 40s.
Yes. This guy's character in the movie is absolutely adorable and cuddly! I think women at any age can appreciate him.
I suppose so, but I'm not sure. I guess there have to be SOME people out there who like him.

Question 14:Who's your favorite actor?
Elijah Wood
Billy Boyd
Dominic Monaghan
Orlando Bloom
Viggo Mortensen

Question 15:And last, but certainly not least, who is your absolute favorite character in the Lord of the Rings films?

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