Would you be compatible with Alan Rickman?
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Would you be compatible with Alan Rickman?

This test will determine as to whether or not the devoted followers of Alan Rickman the famous actor are really compatible with him in terms of love....

Question 1:You are coming home from work/school and you've had a tough day.What do you grab first once you enter your place?
T.V Guide

Question 2:At a party, a friend offers you some marijuana to ease the week's stress from your shoulders. What do you do?
You are totally against drugs so therefore NO!
Try one but that's it
Take it and smoke as much as you want

Question 3:A quiet pet to you is a...

Question 4:What is a profession that you are willing to take up?
Stock Market Trader

Question 5:As of right now, what part of your body would you like massaged?

Question 6:An ideal night would be doing what.......
Reading and Writing
Clubbing and Partying
Spending a night at a friends

Question 7:Out of the words below listed, which describes you the most?
Go with the flow

Question 8:Walking down the street on the way to McDonalds for the 1.00 menu with intentions of getting a juicy double cheeseburger, you pass a homeless man on the side of the road begging for change.He stops you and asks for money.All you have is 1.00 and a dime you found on the ground a while back which should make up for the tax for the cheeseburger.What happens between you and the homeless man?
Give him the 10 cents but that's it.
Give him the 1.10 out of pity.
Totally ignore the homeless guy and walk straight to Mickey Dee's.

Question 9:You see a 5 dollar bill on the sidewalk right in front of you.You bend over and are about to grab it when a street punk right behind you claims that the money is his.What would you do?
Go into a theory about "How do you know it's yours?"
Punch him and run away with the money
Give him the 5 bucks believing it's his.

Question 10:Whenever you look out a window, what do you see?
Stare off into space
Looking at the scenery and the things that are happening
Picturing a fantasy world you have created

Question 11:You have to prepare a report for a world survey required of every human being on the planet.You have just finished the report.What is the last thing you do?
Read it, correct errors, decorate it, elimanate the tiny pen marks that surround the letters, etc.
Scan it and if there is an error, who cares!
Dump the paper right in the mailbox to send off.

Question 12:A friend invites you over to watch a movie.Your friend is also a horror buff and plans to watch a movie involving torture.Your view on the matter is....
I'll go over there and just watch the movie regardless of the content!
I'm not going over there because I am too squeamish!
Heck ya! I wanna watch this!

Question 13:Do you consider yourself a.....person?

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