Which Warrior Cat likes you?

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Out of Firestar, Tallstar, Bluestar, and Graystripe, which one has a crush on you?

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    Hello. My name is Lionheart-you know, the ThunderClan warrior who served as deputy after Redtail.
    You walk into a deserted clearing- where you find Tallstar, Firestar, Graystripe, and Bluestar. They all notice you. Who do you say hello to first?
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    Tallstar: "Nice to meet you."
    You: "Hello."
    Tallstar: "Okay, since we are finished with the greetings, let's start. Me first. Let's say your ally Clan was being attacked. Would you help?"
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    Me: "Okay. Bluestar, you're next."
    Bluestar: "Would you abandon your kits if you could become deputy?"
    Firestar: "Oh.... I wasn't expecting this from you."

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    Me: "Firestar?"
    Firestar: "Okay, Lionheart. Here it is. Do you believe you can change your past with the present?"
    Tallstar: "Why does everybody keep asking questions that nobody expects?"
    Graystripe: "I have no idea."
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    Graystripe: "What would you do if you had a forbidden love?"
    You: "Like, who?"
    Graystripe: "Leafpool/Crowfeather"
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    Tallstar: "Me again. What would you do if you wanted revenge for someone who killed someone you loved?"
    Me: "................... I wasn't expecting that.

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    Bluestar: "Would you choose love or power?"
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    Firestar: "Which role would you like to play?"
    Tallstar: "An ordinary question at LAST."
    Me: *Silently nods*
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    Graystripe: "Do you like Millie?"
    Scourge: "BORING!"
    Graystripe: *unsheathes claws*
    Tallstar: "How did you get here in the first place?"
    Scourge: "I walked through, you IDIOTIC furball!"
    Tallstar: *Menacing growl*
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    Me: "Well, this is the end. Bye!"
    Tallstar: "Goodbye. I'm looking forward to meeting you again."
    Bluestar: "BYE."
    Firestar: "Chow, amigo."
    Graystripe: "Bye."

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145 days ago
Firestar! I adore him!
522 days ago
Mostly Tallstar. Yay!!
627 days ago
mostly Firestar. Yay!!