Your Warriors Love Story! Part #1

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Here you will start the journey of Falconkit and enjoy being adored by five toms!

(I am sorry, there are no lesbian/gay/bisexual answers. This is also using the pronoun she/her, so if you are a guy taking this, you might have to deal with that. Remember, this was made for females!)

  • 1
    You open your eyes for the very first time to a large bramble den. Your mother, Ravenfeather, and father, Nightpath, beam with pride. For once, you notice your beautiful calico fur and amber eyes in a puddle, and your sister, Rosekit, with cream fur and lovely green eyes. “Welcome to the world, my kits,” Ravenfeather beams. A young, flame-colored kit walks up to you, his green eyes shining.

    “Hello, I’m Firekit,” The kit purrs. He is much bigger than you, almost the age of an apprentice if you had to guess. “It will be fun to have new kits for the Clan.”

    You smile and your sister eyes you enviously. Your first reaction is...
  • 2
    A group of four toms approach you. A white tom with blue eyes, a black tom with amber eyes, a light gray tom with blue eyes, and a tabby tom with darker stripes and silver eyes. “These are my friends,” Firekit says, flicking his tail towards the four toms. “The white one is Cloudkit, the black one is Coalkit, the light gray tom is Stormkit, and the brown tom is Brackenkit.”

    “I can introduce myself, Firekit,” Coalkit snapped.

    Cloudkit laughed and shook his head. “Thank you, Firekit.” He turns to you. “You have beautiful eyes,” He purrs.

    Stormkit stays quiet, shuffling his paws. “Hi,” He whispers.

    Brackenkit blinks nobly at you. “Hello, Falconkit.”
  • 3
    “I’m starved,” Brackenkit said. “I saw a nice plump rabbit on the fresh-kill pile. Do you guys want to share?”

    “A rabbit isn’t enough for all of us, beetles-for-brains!” Coalkit spat angrily.

    “Chill,” Cloudkit told him. “Okay, so three of us can eat the rabbit, two of us can eat a squirrel, and two of us a vole.”

    Rosekit was flirting with Cloudkit, so they went to eat the squirrel. You can choose one of the remaining toms to eat with you and where. Who do you choose?

  • 4
    Brackenkit, Coalkit, and Firekit are called in, which leaves you with no choice but to eat with shy Stormkit. He just sits by the oak tree in WildClan camp while you get a squirrel off the pile and bring it over. Stormkit is just staring at the warriors’ den, and it’s obvious you need a conversation starter. Something witty but not know-it-all, and something sweet but not loud. What do you say?
  • 5
    Cloudkit walks over to you after you are done with your meal, Stormkit away. “I finally got away from your flirtatious sister,” He purrs in amusement. “Want to see something amazing tonight?”
  • 6
    You are ready to curl up in your nest. Cloudkit has given you until moonhigh to come with him, so you have time to curl up with one of the five toms in your den, to sleep alone, or your mother and sister.

  • 7
    Cloudkit finally nudges you awake. “Let’s go,” He beckons with his tail, and you crawl over the sleeping kits and queens. You can’t help but feel you're being followed though...who do you think it is?
  • 8
    Turns out it was Rosekit! She is sneaking in the shadows with envy as you walk through the forest with Cloudkit. Finally, she vanishes. Cloudkit brings you to a cliff and tells you to open your eyes. A glowing waterfall streams out from the cliff, the stars dotting each rock! The view is perfect, and your instant reaction is...
  • 9
    You and Cloudkit head back to camp, side by side. Luckily, no cat has realized you are gone, and you can make out the outline of the camp. Just before you reach it, Rosekit jumps in front of you and Cloudkit. “Why were you two sneaking out?” She hissed. “It’s against the code!” Jealousy sparks in her eyes, and you stand there. Cloudkit puffs out his chest, trying to get Rosekit to move.
  • 10
    Sorrelstar moves to where you three are. He must have heard the ruckus! He gets closer and closer, and Rosekit just won’t budge. Finally, when Sorrelstar gets fox lengths away, she darts through the bushes to the back of the nursery. “What is the meaning of this?” He demands when he sees you two. He glares at Cloudkit. “Cloudkit!” He growls. “You took a young kit out of the nursery for an ‘exploration’?” He hisses.

    “Sorrelstar, I can explain!” The white tom begs.

    “There will be none of this,” The golden tom snaps. “Cloudkit, I’m afraid you are not becoming an apprentice for three more moons.”

  • 11
    “All cats old enough to catch their own prey, join under High Rock for a Clan meeting!” Sorrelstar summons. “There used to be five kits ready to become apprentices, but now, I’m afraid, Cloudkit has taken Falconkit out of camp.” Shocked gasps from the crowd of cats are given, and your mother, Ravenfeather, grabs you by the scruff and starts cleaning you, cursing Cloudkit out. Sorrelstar clears his throat and carries on. “But without further wasting of time, StarClan, I present you with Firepaw! Coalpaw! Stormpaw! And Brackenpaw!” He looks at three cats clustered in the middle of the camp. “Nightpath will mentor Firepaw, Willowspinner will mentor Coalpaw, Rosefur will mentor Stormpaw, and I myself will mentor Brackenpaw,” He said, and with a flick of his tail, dismissed the meeting. Who do you cheer for and what do you do after the ceremony?
  • 12
    Firepaw, Coalpaw, Brackenpaw, and Stormpaw walk up to you after the ceremony, standing proudly. “Hey, Falconkit! Want me to show you some hunting skills?” Firepaw purrs.

    “Falconkit, want to share some prey?” Coalpaw asks, a skip in his pawsteps.

    “Hello, Falconkit, want to share tongues?” Brackenpaw smiles.

    “Falconkit, want to help me sort herbs?” Stormpaw beams.

    Cloudkit walks over as well. “Falconkit, want to play?” He asks.
  • 13
    “Brackenpaw! We have territory to explore!” Sorrelstar yowls.

    “Us too, Coalpaw!” Willowspinner meows out to him.

    “So do we, Stormpaw,” Rosefur says and coughs a little.

    “Cloudkit, come inside! Now! We need to talk,” Eaglebeak snapped.

    “I guess that leaves you and me,” Firepaw purrs.
  • 14
    It’s been a short day and you look at the sinking sun. There is plenty of prey on the fresh-kill pile and you’re bored. You walk over to Rosekit to see if she is interested in playing. “Hey, Rosekit, wanna play?” You ask. Rosekit gives you an evil-like glare and sighs.

    “Fine. What should we play?” She asks bitterly.
  • 15
    “I’ve already checked, and the only one who can play is Coalpaw,” Rosekit said.

    “Let’s go, then,” You say as you leap off to get Coalpaw, who is soaking up the last of the sun.

    “Sure, I’ll play,” He says after you introduce the game to him. What happens during the game?
  • 16
    It’s night, and after the long game of Hide the Acorn, you are ready for sleep. Who do you dream about, and what is the dream about?

  • 17
    You wake up at moonhigh, hungry for milk. You inch closer to Ravenfeather and suckle with pleasure, and you see Brackenpaw staring at you. You walk over and he looks away, embarrassed. What do you do?
  • 18
    You pad back into the nursery to sleep but can’t. You look outside, the stars shining.

    “Beautiful, isn’t it?” Stormpaw says as he comes up to you. Your response is...
  • 19
    You just want to sleep! Why won’t the toms let you? Rosekit is nagging you about how they all love you! You respond...
  • 20
    You finally get some rest, and Cloudkit wakes you. “Falconkit, I have something to tell you...”

    CLIFFHANGER! 😀 Don’t hate me. 😊

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