Which InuYasha guy is right for you?
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Which InuYasha guy is right for you?

This quiz has five options, but I won't tell you who they are. *wink*

Question 1:   What kind of past does you guy have?
Very angsty, no one ever excepted him......
He was brought up, a born leader, I guess he was like his father....
I don't really want to know about his past as what he was.....
He grew up around his friends, well, err, 'pack'.....
Kind of angsty, losing his father and all.....

Question 2:   Does your guy have any... Oh, I don't know, quirks?
He's evil... Does that count?
Yep, he's perverted.
He's a bit cold and opinionated
He is very, very cold, ice cold, people get the shivers around him, then they run away
He's obsessed with another girl *sigh*

Question 3:   Your guy is most likely to say....

Question 4:   Does he fight?
Yes, if you can call it fighting, he totally destroys the enemy.
Yep, claws, agility, his speed is always useful in battle.
HELL YES! He is one lean, mean, fighting machine!
He's on the sidelines, but he can fight from the sidelines...
Not really, he can get his minions to fight for him.

Question 5:   Would you call your guy pretty?
Yes, his long, dark hair, red eyes, it's all good.
He's fairly feminine looking, but pretty? No.
Nope, he's so hot he's the hottest thing since fire. *wink*
I guess, he has the hair and eyes for it.
No...... Cute, but pretty?

Question 6:   Does your guy save people?
Yes, mainly pretty girls.
No, he's usually the one causing the destruction.
Sometimes, if the person doesn't annoy him.
Well, he save one cute little girl once.
Only if it's one of his pack, or a certain girl. *sigh*

Question 7:   Would you guy cry?
Nope, he's to evil to cry.
He seems so happy all the time I can't picture him crying.
...Cry, him, no way.
It would take a lot, and I mean a lot, to make my guy cry.
NO! He's pretty much emotionless.

Question 8:   What is YOUR favorite colour out of these? (You can't rig this!)

Question 9:   What does your guy think about peace and quiet?
He feels he must plot.
He enjoys it, for it may not always be there.
He want to go find blank. *sigh*
He thinks somethings going to happen.....
He doesn't care, he likes it quiet.

Question 10:   What was your first kiss with him like, or what would it be like?
Very sexual, a French kiss.
In the dark, it was one hot kiss.
A bit inexperienced, but very memorable.
Right by a waterfall, so romantic.
A small kiss I gave him on his cheek.

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