Who is your Inuyasha dream guy?

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Hey, have you always wanted to find your perfect Inuyasha match (if you're a girl)? Well, just sit back and take the quiz. Maybe, you'll find that the type of guy you like now may not be the type you are really made for...

  • 1
    His best feature is...
  • 2
    He loves everyone. Choose the best answer to this statement...
  • 3
    He fights with...

  • 4
    His personality is...
  • 5
    He is a...
  • 6
    He takes you on a date, what does he do when he takes you home?

  • 7
    You find him in the woods, he...
  • 8
    You see him with another woman, she is...
  • 9
    If he was annoyed and you tried to cheer him up, he would...
  • 10
    If he was attacked, how would he respond?

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1405 days ago
I got inuyasha! Woohoo! (hes hot.....) sorry blue sky, koga's annoying. kind of a player. Like, ayame would be perfectly happy with you AND INU CHOSE KAGS GET OVER IT.
1725 days ago
Your no help i like inuyash a not kouga