Which Naruto Character Is Your Boyfriend? 🧡

Are you curious to find out which Naruto character would be your perfect boyfriend? Do you have a certain type that you're drawn to, or are you open to any of the characters? Take this quiz to find out which Naruto character is your ideal partner, and discover some fun facts about the characters along the way!

Will he be energetic and funny like Naruto himself, mysterious and dark like Gaara, or something else?
Find out now which Naruto character will be your boo! 🧡

  • 1
    What color hair does your guy have, or would you want your guy's hair to be?
    What color hair does your guy have, or would you want your guy's hair to be?
  • 2
    Which of these is your guy the most like?
  • 3
    Which of these is your guy's top talent/power?

  • 4
    Which would you find the most amusing about your guy?
  • 5
    Who is in your guy's family?
  • 6
    What is your guy's favorite food?

  • 7
    Does your guy have any other girls on his team?
  • 8
    Which color are your guy's eyes - or which would you want them to be?
  • 9
    Does your guy have any markings, tattoos, or similar?
  • 10
    Who did your guy fight in the preliminary exams?

  • 11
    Which word best describes your guy?
  • 12
    Which word best describes your guy's sense of humor?
  • 13
    Which of these colors do you like the best? (It's relevant, I promise!)
  • 14
    Which of these guys is on his team?
  • 15
    Finally, which clan is your guy from, or which one would you want him to be from?

Comments (25)


5 days ago
I got naruto,kiba gaara and lee and sasuke
169 days ago
I got sasuke..
289 days ago
;)ohh my actual God I got Lee he is my first anime crush ever a dream come true!!!
376 days ago
Yeahh gaaraaaaaaa:DDD
441 days ago
:D I got Naruto! ❤
856 days ago
I got Naruto I love him UwU
879 days ago
I also wanted shikamaru but then I realized over half way through the quiz that he was not and option so i was GOING to leave but then I was like whatever sooooo ye
1005 days ago
i got naruto!!!! i guess its prob the best fit but sort of anoied that shicamaru is not an optiot
1112 days ago
Hehe! Got gaara! Like him so much :3
1147 days ago
i love sasuke to he is best boy
1231 days ago
I LOVE SASUKE!!!!!he is so HOT 🥵 YAY
1270 days ago
I got Sasuke!!!! I am just into mysterious guys
1313 days ago
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee naruto
1368 days ago
I got Naruto😍😍😍 I love him
1424 days ago
I got 0% Sasuke :( noooooooooo!
1888 days ago
I got my self but by u saying I have a duck butt seriously. Plus if u say it again I swear I'll use susano'o amaturasu onix chidori and kirin altogether though ur skull got it?
1896 days ago
1897 days ago
Good test I got gaara I loved this test please make more.
1935 days ago
um...thanks but ur missing shika-kun...
1961 days ago
And did you notice all three of the new uchia meaning sasuke sakura and sadura all have the same sound of the name its so cute😢😭 im still crying srry again bye😭😭😢😭😭😢whhy did naruto dye whyyyyyyyyy i loved him so much bbyyye😢😭