Who is your Naruto lover? (long love story)

Life as a ninja is not easy. And of course, it's much more beautiful when you have someone by your side. A partner who's with you through thick and thin, who makes you feel like you can touch the sky and like you can win every fight.
Who could that be for you?
Whose heart will you conquer?
This is a little roleplay test. Take it, and afterwards, you get a really long love story about your character and your crush.
In this test you can choose between Kakashi, Gaara, Shikamaru, Naruto and Sasuke.

  • 1
    Before we start roleplaying, I have a few questions for you. What is your name?
    Before we start roleplaying, I have a few questions for you. What is your name?
  • 2
    That's a nice name. And what about your appearance? Let's start with the hair color.
  • 3
    Very beautiful. And your eye color?
    Very beautiful. And your eye color?

  • 4
    Could you briefly describe your character?
    Could you briefly describe your character?
  • 5
    Which clan are you in?
  • 6
    That you are a very strong Shinobi is not in question here. But could you please explain your Kekkei-Genkai again?

  • 7
    Where did you live or where do you live?
  • 8
    Which boy/man do you like best?
  • 9
    Do you have a familiar spirit?
  • 10
    Let's start with the role play. You have learned that you are to go on a mission today. It is still dark outside as you eat your breakfast in your pajamas. After your breakfast, you go to your closet... What are you going to wear?

  • 11
    It's starting to get light and you're just being taken to the Hokage's office when you see more Shinobis already there. Naruto explains to you that you are being sent on a difficult mission. He introduces you to each other and you take a good look at your team.
  • 12
    You are about to leave when Naruto looks at you questioningly. "Don't you want to know what kind of mission this is?" Ah well... you think to yourself. Of course!
  • 13
    You are on your mission when suddenly enemies appear in front of you. It's not just one... No, there are several and they look very strong. It looks bad for you...
  • 14
    Your mission is still a complete success despite the incident. Back in Konohagakure, you report back and go to eat something in a small restaurant. You sit down at the edge and one of the guys sits down next to you.
  • 15
    You guys are still having a nice evening. Especially you and the boy who approached you. The next day, however, it goes on immediately with a next mission. Together with another person, you are to search for a certain plant that is very important for medical research. To your surprise, it is exactly the boy from yesterday who is supposed to accompany you. You set out instantly. After more than eight hours, you take a break. Where are you taking a break?
  • 16
    You talk a lot and you feel attracted to him. And then...you don't even know how it happened, but he kisses you.

  • 17
    A day later, you find the plant and return to your village. Once there, you are told that you have the next five days off. After your days off, however, the next major event is already taking place. The final ball of the ninja academy will take place. You will be assigned with other Shinobi as chaperones, but of course, you may dress up to be less conspicuous. On your first day off, you're about to buy a dress for the prom when you get a call.
  • 18
    No matter what you chose, on your way you'll see your crush. The boy you've grown so close to. But he's not alone. Next to him is a very attractive woman.
  • 19
    No matter if you are angry or not, you can't think about anything else but your crush and this woman. You ask your best friend if you want to do something together so that you can get your mind off her. What do you do?
  • 20
    Your day passed quickly and it is already very late. You quickly take a shower and put on your silk bathrobe. Just as you are about to brush your hair, the doorbell rings. It's your crush.

  • 21
    He asks you if you want to create a team together and take the first shift. You think of that girl from earlier...
  • 22
    It was all just a misunderstanding and you feel guilty. You ask him if you want to go to the city market together the next day and he agrees. Once there, you stroll through the market and after a few hours you are hungry. Your crush gets you something to eat while you wait for him on a bridge. There, someone strokes your back and suddenly stands next to you. "Hello pretty. Why is such a cute girl like you walking here alone?" you want to move away from this strange man, but he threatens and even hurts you with a knife.
  • 23
    You thank him, but somehow the evening doesn't go as well as before. You are taken to the hospital, but your crush is silent. Also, the days afterwards you have only little contact. Anyway, tonight is the evening of the ball and you change because your crush will be with you in a few minutes. What are you wearing?
  • 24
    You are putting on your shoes when the doorbell rings. It's your crush.
  • 25
    You find his behavior strange, but you don't want to let on. The next day, you go a risky mission. You almost get hurt very badly, but together you are able to resolve the situation, and you return home in the evening. Your crush walks you home, and you stand once again in front of your front door. You remain silent and ask him if he would like to come in again. He nods and you go inside. He seems distant, thinking about something. He doesn't pay any attention to you. You want to confront him, ask him what this is all about, but before you can do anything, he kisses you.
  • 26
    You two are spending a wonderful evening and night together. Just spontaneously name a place/object that appeals to you.

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