Which guy from Yu-gi-oh is for you?

Are you better with Yami Yugi? Or Kaiba? Maybe even Joey? Just answer the questions and be on your way to figure out who is for you!

Question 1:You're at a new school and you're sitting all by yourself until you see people coming in the room that will be in you classes. You...
Give them the finger and hope they never even look at you.
Think of a way to make friends with them... what can u lose in a day?
Wait for them to come to you. They may not but you're the quiet one anyways.
Ignore them and sit in the back. You don't want to blow it on your first day.
Act like a clown. You want to make a good impression.

Question 2:You're friends ask you if you want to go to a brand new club with them. You...
Tell them no... you have work to do
Scowl and yell at them about school the next day
Shrug and go but leave early to catch some Z's 4 school
Put on your dancing shoes and go! Who cares if you got school the next day?
Say no and spend the evening reading a book or watching a movie.

Question 3:It's the weekend. How do you spend it?
Play a video game all weekend and don't move form the tv for anything!
hang out with your friends. It's what the weekend's for!
Stay home or occasionally spend time with a friend or 2
head for the gym and work your ass off.
Working... sleep? What's that?

Question 4:You're about to head to the movies. What do you go see?
You don't care... it was your friend's idea.
Jackass the movie: You need a couple laughs
Something calm and cute like Tuck Everlasting or the Santa Claus 2
Anything with lots of explosions and hot people half .
Movies? I have too much to do!

Question 5:You're favorite Duel Monster card:
Change of heart
Blue eyes all the way!
Dark Magician. DUH!
Man Eater bug. Make it alive and eat all of your best enemies
Flame Swordsman.... packs a lot of fire!

Question 6:Fav. Color

Question 7:What would you rather wear?
Buckles.... they ROCK!
Who cares? But if you had to answer: Leather pants.
A dark colored Trenchcoat that touchs down to your ankles
Anything that was on your floor when you get up in the morning
Something simple like a sweater or something

Question 8:What do you think is a better quote?
"Hey! Sup? Anyone want to hit the arcade?"
"I NEED to have this done in one hour or you're FIRED!"
"Hello everyone. What's going on today?"
"Humans of this generation are so pathetic."
"Wanna play a game of duel monsters?"

Question 9:Best place to hang out
At home or with my crush, Why go anywhere?
Yugi's gameshop. Play a game of duel monsters or something.
At the library. Learn something new.
Who cares? I'll just go work out at the gym.

Question 10:If you had to ask any of the Yu-gi-oh guys out, who would it be?
Yami Yugi: Duel monsters is your life
Seto Kaiba: too cute to turn the other way
Yami Bakura: My ego and pride comes first
Joey Wheeler: Joker until the end
Ryou Bakura: Being quiet doesn't bug you at all

This Quiz has been designed by Rain: the somewhat sane.