Which Cowboy Bebop man is right for you?
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Which Cowboy Bebop man is right for you?

Find out who your soulmate is!

Question 1:What kind of man do you prefer?
Calm, rational and kind-hearted
Evil, stubborn, and suicidal
Cool, daring, compassionate

Question 2:Your man's hobby would most likely be what?
Working with Bonzai trees
Killing Spike!

Question 3:Which spice would be your man's favorite?
Bell Peppers

Question 4:what would be your man's former job?
Who cares!?
A cop
A member of the Red Dragons

Question 5:What would your man spend most of his time doing?
Plotting on ways to find revenge
Getting his friends out of troublesome situations
Getting into trouble

Question 6:If your man found a person dieing in the street, he would most likely help by...
Give care immediately and bringing the injured to his ship
Start to walk away but then help out of guilt
Finish the injured off with his sword

Question 7:How would your man die?
He would die avenging you
Die trying to help his friends
Die by the hand of his worst enemy

Question 8:What would his last words be?
"Help me!"
"Oh well."

Question 9:What would get on your man's nerves the most?
People messing with his Bonzai trees
Kids, animals, and women with attitude
Spike and everything else in the universe

Question 10:What qualities would you like in a man?
kind, loyal, and protective
Closed minded, cool, and loyal
Controlling, evil, and spiteful

Question 11:What color hair would you like your man to have?
mostly bald, but some black

Question 12:Why would you leave your man?
He was over protective
You just couldn't live up to his standards based on his ex-girlfriend
He was just too evil

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