Which Beyblade Character is right for you? ( For girls )
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Which Beyblade Character is right for you? ( For girls )

Which beyblader is your kinda guy? Is it Ray? Tala? Kai? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1:You've flown on an airplane to the Bahamas. What do you do first?
I wouldn't be there in the first place. I prefer cold places.
Have some fun.
Go to the warmest place on the island.
Go find some cute guys!
Eat, gotta find a buffet!

Question 2:How would your friends describe you?
Friends? I don't have any.
Always eating and talking about food.
Hot headed. Never gives up.
Calm and very confident. Usually breaks up fights.

Question 3:What kind of animal do you like best?
Boys can be like animals. *grin*

Question 4:Would you ever consider having a relationship?
More than one! ^~
Don't know right know.
Well, there is this guy.....
Will there be food?
No. Who needs one?

Question 5:A cute guy asks you out. What do you do?
If it's the person for me...
Walk away. That's the last thing I need.
If he has food, yes. Who could resist?
Definitely yes!

Question 6:What kind of guy would you admire?
Someone who looks before he leaps.
A guy that never gives up and would win no matter what!
One that would take me to a buffet! ^^
As long as he leaves me alone...
Any guy.....* *

Question 7:Where would you like to have your first kiss?
Somewhere where there's lots of food.
A place that brings back memories of us.
Someplace warm.
Too late......

Question 8:What do you look for in a guy?
A guy like me.
There's no looking. Romance is weak. *glare*
Food..... *drool*
Someone who's kind and caring and helpful. *sigh*
Good looks. *growl*

Question 9:Where would you rather live?
Wherever there's food, I'll be there!

Question 10:Which beyblade team would you rather be on?
An all boy's team!! I mean the Majestics.
Bladebreakers all the way!
White tigers or Bladebreakers
I'd rather be alone, but Majestics are alright.
Demolition Boys.

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