Which Harry Potter Hogwarts Professor is Your Destiny?
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Which Harry Potter Hogwarts Professor is Your Destiny?

Hey girls, ever find yourself feeling oddly attracted to Lupin, or Snape? If so, take this quiz, and find out which professor you are destined to be with.

Question 1:Which qualities are most important to you?
Great wisdom, leadership skills, compassion
Good looks, charm, charisma
Great with kids, kind, generous
Intelligence, wisdom
Brooding, intelligent

Question 2:Where would he take you for your first date?
A museum, art gallery, or another cultural event
A trendy new restaurant where you are sure to be "seen" by everyone
A romantic picnic by a scenic lake
The traditional dinner and a movie
A dark, smokey, deserted pub in the middle of nowhere

Question 3:His kissing style is
Very warm and traditional
All sloppy and all teeth
Clumsy, but cute
Nice, and always tastes like chocolate
Aggressive, growl

Question 4:What would you like your man to look like?
A big teddy bear of a man
Slightly pale and fragile
Dark, brooding, with black, greasy hair
Older and regal
Blonde and gorgeous

Question 5:What is your man's sex style like?
Making luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv
Has to be in front of the mirror
Outside on a blanket under the stars
In bed during the daylight hours
In some dank dungeon, while hanging upside down

Question 6:Your man is feeding you, what does he give you?
Lemon Drops
Love Potion
A lollipop made in his likeness

Question 7:What does your man think of Harry Potter?
Loves him like a son
Harry is one of his best friends
Can't really stand the boy
Is a trifle jealous of his fame
Watches out for him

Question 8:Your birthday is coming, what does your man buy you?
Nothing, he isn't all that generous
A unicorn!
A signed copy of his latest book
A box of chocolates
A brand new purple, velvet robe. sexy!

Question 9:What would your ideal man want for his birthday?
A razor
Some comfy socks
A dagger
A list of all the reasons you love him so much
A dragon

Question 10:Your man's job would be
Defense of the Dark Arts teacher
Potions teacher
A celebrity

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