Magic Moments

Which Hogwarts boy is right for you?

Question 1:You like a boy who's:
Funny and cute
Sneaky and smart
Loyal and romantic
Quiet and self-contained

Question 2:You're favorite class is:
Uh...Any class where you can make fun of the teacher when they're not looking
Quidditch practice
Class? I go to class? Why didn't someone tell me?

Question 3:If you could be an animal, what one would you be? (Pick one listed. If your favorite isn't here, I'm sorry)
Snake. Oh! I know! A venomous snake!
A mouse
A loyal dog; like a lab. Nothing "froofy".
A cat, but not a poofy, stupid cat that looks like it ran into a wall face first

Question 4:Favorite color? (again, just pick what I put)

Question 5:A perfect date would be:
Something romantic and non-traditional
Seeing a movie would be good
Who cares as long as we're kissing!
A movie at home and a book by the fire

Question 6:Kissing is:
Great, but I like him for his mind, not his mouth
Kissing? Me? Are you insane?
Sounds fine to me
Any time, any way, any place!

Question know...
No way in Heaven would I even bring it up.
If I mentioned it he'd scream and turn blue.
I know he's going to wait until he's married and I'm okay with that
Yeah, sure. Why not.

Question 8:Your favorite books are:
Funny and easy to get into
Fun and adventurous
Books? Why read books when there are so many people to beat up?

Question 9:Your favorite type of music is:
Rock or Heavy Metal
Whatever's in my CD player

Question 10:What Hogwarts House would you like to be in?
Anything but Slytherin, but I'm just glad I was accepted
I don't know...Anything but Slytherin
If I wasn't in Slytherin, I'd die
Gryffindor. No question about it.

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